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English e book

by Diana Boldurat


English e-book for
the second grade students
Level A1.1 Unit 2
Lesson 1 I have a dog
I.Look , listen and repeat.
I have a doll.
I have a ball.
I have a lorry.
You have a doll.
You have a ball.
You have a lorry.
She has a dog.
She has a skateboard.
She has an umbrella.
He has a cat.
He has a train.
He has a quince.
II.Look , listen and repeat.
We have a plane.
We have a car.
We have a kite.
an old car
They have a robot.
They have a parrot.
They have a computer.
a short train
II.Look , listen and repeat.
a big nut
a small nut
an old car
a new car
a short train
a long train
III.Let's read.
Rounded Rectangle
You have a parrot.It is bright.
We have a dog .It is strong.
I have a car.It is new.
Grandpa has a car. It is old.
She has an apple.It is big.
He has a nut. It is small.
They have a train .It is long.
We have a train . It is short.