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GHS Wonderbook

by Gabrielino Art Students


Gabrielino High School 2020-2021
During the global pandemic of 2020-2021
Gabrielino High School art students did their part to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by staying
safe at home.

This did not stop them from going on the greatest adventure of all; a Safari into Imagination.

Here are a few of the specimens that they discovered.

We hope that you enjoy our collection.
Shannon C Tran P.2
The frogbee is extremely difficult to find. It is said that they often sit by a pond next to a mushroom while laughing to themselves. If you are able to capture a frogbee by the pond, they will grant you one wish. Once your wish has been granted, they vanish into thin air.
Madeline Nguyen P4
Flamingo Hybrid Paper Mache
I wanted to incorporate my favorite color, which is pink into my project. I also wanted to create a fictional creature, and so I decided to make a flamingo and deer hybrid. My creature has the facial structure of a flamingo with the horns of a deer. My favorite part of this project was definitely the painting process. I enjoyed creating the different textures on the flamingo as well as mixing all the different colors.
Frog Clay Specimen Sculpture
For my clay specimen project, I decided on making a frog that I saw off the internet. I also have a great fascination with amphibians and I thought that a frog would fit perfectly in my jar. To create my clay specimen, I collected some twigs and leaves to add into my jar in order to create the natural habitat of a frog. My overall favorite part of this project was also the paint job.
Lauren Tsushima P.5
The bighorn flymingo roams the mountainous terrain. It takes pride in its feathered horns, making sure to take in as much sunlight as possible each day so as to maintain its feathers' beauty and vibrancy. Although it does not have ears nor the sense of hearing, its rapid eyesight is its strongest sense. It was on high alert ever since it skillfully spotted a human making its way through the forest below. One day, the bighorn flymingo felt the ground rumble and detected that it was from the distant roar of the wingless dragon that lived in a cave inside the mountain. But what the bighorn flymingo didn't know was that the roar was not made out of intimidation but as a cry of pain.
The human had come to this land in search of this dragon after reading a magic book that said that the tail of a dragon that had a single purple scale on it granted the owner the magical yet gradual ability to absorb every
ounce of any single thing, not necessarily something concrete. After a hard struggle, the human finally had a split-second-opportunity to cut the tail of the dragon off. The human took the dragon tail, leaving the dragon to lay there under the assumption that it would die. Later, the human's wish to absorb all the knowledge of the world would be granted by the use of the dragon tail, but by doing so, the human would learn what really happened to the dragon. The human would learn that the dragon's loss of its tail was when the dragon would grow wings, which would allow the dragon to seek out the human for revenge, but the human did not gain this knowledge until it was too late.