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Moments in Lockdown

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Back to Normal
Lockdown, the pandemic, August/September 2021
Having a baby was the most intensely disruptive event of my life.
Not the birth but what came after.
My baby wasn’t the regular type
no long sleeps
no separation from his mum.
He came everywhere
filling my world, expanding out of proportion to his size.

It was wonderful and horrible.
It stretched our love thin, but it always held,
giving just enough for you, me, and him.

It was almost a year before I accepted
the changes this baby had wrought in my life.
Much like here, now, mid-pandemic, early-Delta,
with our lives rotated 180 degrees.

Adaptations have sprung into being
masks, social distancing, school and work from home,
click and collecting, more time, less time,
relaxing, working more hours, essential work,
filling our lives with sourdough loaves,
finding new ways to occupy our kids,
keeping to the rules, or not,
we’re all in this together.

I scream into my pillow when it all gets too much and make blueberry cake for your birthday; 
you thank me like your life depends on it.
Our bubble includes your parents, just in case.  
The teenager takes to this new life like he was born to it.

In the garden daffodils bunch 
hyacinths shake their perfumed heads
tulips flounce into being
hellbores burst from the soil
trilliums flick white tips in the wind
blossom seems to have sifted out of nowhere to cover the apricot tree.

A paddock away
the Mata Au is full of life, new leaves floating past like tiny electric boats high on the outdoors
catkins festoon the willows
people flock along the tracks like sheep seeing an open gate.

We escape daily 
to breathe fast moving air come from the Antarctic on a southerly breeze
to stretch our static limbs beside the always moving river
to feel fresh sunlight
to rest our eyes on Kōpūwai white-flanked with spring snow
to hear the squeak and sough of trees moving in the wind 
turning to each other eyes sparkling with laughter over something you said
resetting ourselves, not returning to normal.
© Libby Paulin 2021  
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Green house growing.
Harry Farrell
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