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The Geography Of The West: A Thriving Economy

by Charlie M


The Geography Of The West: A Thriving Economy
By: Charlie
1. Title
2. Table of contents
3. What are the five themes of geography?
4. Comic life regions
5. Comic life location
6. Comic life place
7. Comic life movement
8. Comic life human-environment interaction
9. Driving question
10. Last Spike photo
11. Last Spike questions
12. Golden Skybridge photo
13. Golden Skybridge questions
14. Cave and Basin photo
15. Cave and Basin questions
16. Lake Minnewanka photo
17. Lake Minnewanka questions
18. Sundre Museum and Pioneer Village photo
19. Sundre Museum and Pioneer Village questions
20. The Badlands photo
21. The Badlands questions
22. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site photo
23. Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site questions
24. Pipe Mountain Coaster photo
25. Pipe Mountain Coaster questions
26. Pioneer Village video
27. Selfie
28. Dinosaur video
29. Ghost town video
30. About me!
What are the five themes of geography?
There are five different types “themes” of geography. There is place, human environment interaction, regions, location, and movement.
Absolute location is the place that you are at. It could be the address, or the coordinates of where you are. Relative location is an example of where you are, such as I’m in Seycove Secondary. You could make that absolute by saying I am at the front doors at Seycove Secondary.
Movement comes in three main ideas. There is the movement of people, such as immigration, the movement of ideas, such as letters, mail, and email, and there is the movement of products, such as toys or wood.
In this, there are two options. Physical, or human cultural. Physical can be landforms, such as mountains. Human cultural can be every day life, such as music, and religion.
Human-Environment interaction:
This is based around three main ideas. We adapt to the environment, we modify the environment, and we depend on it.
There are 3 different types of regions. Formal, functional, and vernacular. Formal are defined by the government, such as South and North Korea. Functional regions are defined by a certain function the they are used for, such as the port of Vancouver. Vernacular regions are defined by people, such as Chinatown or even Deep Cove!
Comic life on the Themes of Geography
For the regions, I chose to do the Badlands. I think that the Badlands represents regions very well, because it was a region defined by people.
For location, I chose Lake Minnewanka, because there are many different places around the lake, so it would be relative location. The relative location would be Lake Minnewanka, but the absolute location could be at the end of the dock on the west shore, outside the office door.