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The Regretful Pit

by charlie dewing


The Regretful Pit
By: Charlie Dewing
Story inspired by Chris Van Allsburg
Sad. That’s what Maya felt that day. Not devastated, miserable, frustrated, just sad. She felt almost emotionless. She wasn’t normally very down but I guess everyone has those days. Maya was just a teenage girl, nothing special about that. She lived in a pretty average apartment in Walkerville. She has a very strong liking for books which honestly, makes her parents concerned!

When Maya was young, graphic novels and comics were her main priority. As she grew older, she started buying chapter books. By the time Maya was 14, she had read Pride and Prejudice. Although it was a bit of a boring read, she felt pretty accomplished afterward! She also happens to be an only child which was just ‘perfect’ for this upcoming weekend. Her mother and father were just about to leave to go on a business trip hours away for the time being.

 “Stay out of trouble, please.” Her mother said in a commanding tone. 

“I don’t know why you need to tell me this mom! I always stay out of trouble and you know that!” 

The night before her parents left they sat her down at the table for that one default talk everyone needs before being left alone for a few days. 

“You know the rules, Maya. No having friends over and no going to other’s homes.” Those were her father’s go-to rules! She didn’t really care about them though, she didn’t have any friends to come over nor for herself to go over! It makes for a perfect evening every day. 
Her mother and father weren’t near strict. They are just being parents! This means that her mother’s rules are also a go-to. “Just be careful when going absolutely anywhere! Although I don’t know where you’d go. There is supper in the fridge that will last a few days. That means no opening the door for anyone and no ordering food!” 

They had just left about 4 hours ago and already, Maya was very bored and unfortunately still sad out of her mind. But, she was pretty curious about a Library that had just opened up, and it wasn’t even popular either! She wandered down the street checking each corner for the right stop until finally, she found it.

 Mr. Linden, a middle-aged man with dark gray hair, almost balding but not quite. He had this very gentle and kind inviting look to him. He greets her at the door, asks her what she’s looking for today, and leads her to her preferred book taste aisle. And there it was, the book that caught her eye! It had a floral engraving pattern on the cover, and was titled “The Regretful Pit”. It sounded mysterious but yet looked majestic. A perfect fit for her! Mr. Linden noticed her engagement with the book and quickly responded in a way she didn’t like.

“Oh no! Put that book down, quick. Please go and find another one.”
“What! Why?” Maya responded. 
Mr. Linden didn’t answer her question. Just walked back to his desk and ignored her. Maya continued to hold the book close as she marched up to the front desk and demanded he tell her why she can’t have the book. He lifted the book out of Maya’s firm grip and sat it on the counter. After a few mind-bending minutes of convincing and arguing, he finally agreed and began telling her the story.

“You see, it’s not a very interesting story. More of a warning story.”
 “Ok? Please, stop stalling.”

“Very well. This book was written many years ago. Around 1856, the author wanted to get revenge on the ones he hated and so he wrote this book from start to finish, he then used liquid poison to soak into the pages and delivered the book to his enemies’ homes.” 

Maya was almost speechless but still had enough words to ask one question. “So why do you have it?”

“That’s a good question, I barely know the answer myself! I’m guessing someone had an experience with it and dropped it off in the donation box while I was collecting some books before I opened the Library. They left a note explaining the story of the book and so I did some of my own research. Now I just keep it as an antique, which is why you can not take it with you!”