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The Fort Greener
Did you know? Le savais-tu? ¿Savies que?
2nd Semester Publication
Did you know that your hair and nails continue to grow months after you die? - Savais-tu que tes cheveux et tes ongles continuent à pousser des mois après la mort -¿Savies que tu pelo y tus unas continuan a crecer meses despues la muerte?
Cyber Bullying
Pertinent Facts
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Cyber bullying 

By Lucy, and Amirah 

Cyber bullying is a huge problem, but do we all know what is cyber bullying really is? According to Oxford Languages, dictionary cyber bullying is “ The use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.” Thus can affect the ways people think of themselves, or see themselves! Such as body image issues, self doubt, low self esteem, acting out violently, mental health issues such as increased stress, and anxiety.
Now, here are some quotes from our students that deal with cyber bullying or are speaking up about it. “ People should pay more attention to what they are saying as you never know what they are going through at home.” says a student during Recess. Or, “ When I was dealing with cyberbullying I felt stressed. I didn't want to be that person. I didn't know what to do.” said an anonomys student. Or lastly: “ I haven't really dealt with cyberbullying but I know people that have and I know the emotional toll it takes on them.”

A few ways to prevent cyberbullying with strangers is to make private accounts for just your family and friends. Do not post anything personal, or that can have any negative outcomes!
Now here are some facts about cyberbullying ( our source was: ) First, did you know About 37% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online? 30% have had it happen more than once. Also did you know 95% of teens in the U.S. are online, and the vast majority access the internet on their mobile device, making it the most common medium for cyber bullying?

Overall we believe that cyberbullying is a big problem for teens, kids, and people of all ages and we should try to avoid it at all costs!
Le fortegrineais
Did you know? Le savais-tu? ¿Savies que?
One square meter patch of soil can hold 1 billion living things! - Un mètre carré de sol peut contenir 1 milliard d'êtres vivants !
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Un autre journaliste et moi sommes renseignées pour avoir plus d'informations. Yondr est une organisation qui croit que les écoles devraient être un espace sans téléphone. Ils ont des étuis spéciaux qui sécurisent les téléphones portables de manière à ce qu'on ne puisse pas y accéder lorsqu'ils sont fermés dedans! Lorsqu'on entre dans l'établissement, on se dirige vers une petite station qui déverrouille l'étui. Après quoi, on met le téléphone dedans. En quittant l'établissement à la sortie des cours, on rouvre l'étui afin de récupérer le téléphone. Nous avons interrogé des élèves. Nous avons d'abord interviewé une élève de 7e appelée Clara! Elle a dit: "Je pense que ce n'est pas juste, cependant, je pense que cela a du sens pour certains élèves parce que certaines personnes sont accros à leur téléphone. De plus, un enseignant a déclaré: "La dépendance déclenche un déséquilibre des niveaux de sérotonine, ce qui provoque du stress et de l'anxiété." Un autre élève, qui souhaiterait rester anonyme, a partagé son point de vue à ce propos: "Honnêtement, je n'étais pas trop enthousiaste au début, mais j'ai réalisé que cela allait aider à créer un espace sans téléphone à l'école". Un autre élève anonyme a dit "Je n'aime pas Yondr parce que je pense que c'est un peu inutile parce que tout le monde n'utilise pas son téléphone, donc je pense que si on utilise son téléphone, on devrait juste être puni!"
By Amirah, Charlotte, and Josie

Yondr is an organization that believes that schools should be a phone-free environment. They provide special pouches to put your phone in until the end of the day. When you enter the school building, you go to a magnet attached to the wall that locks your phone pouch. When you exit, the same magnet unlocks your pouch.
We interviewed students around FGPA about their opinions and thoughts on the Yondr pouches.
First we Interviewed a 7th grader Clara. We asked her if she thought it was fair to have Yondr in NYC schools. She said “I feel that it is not fair, however, I think it makes sense for some students” We asked her why. “Because some people are addicted to their phones.” 
A teacher said, “Addiction causes an imbalance of serotonin levels, which causes stress and anxiety.”
Another student, who would wish to remain anonymous said “I honestly was not too keen on yondr at first, but realized that it was going to help create a phone free space at school” 
Another student that wishes to remain anonymous said “I don't really like yondr because I think that it is a little bit unnecessary because not everybody uses their phone, so I think that if you use your phone, you should just get a warning.” 
In conclusion, yondr is destined to help us throughout middle school, and to keep Fort Greene Preparatory Academy a phone free space. 
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At malesuada nisl felis sit amet dolor
Newspaper Stand
Did you know? Le savais-tu? ¿Savies que?
Did you know that the singular version of spaghetti is spaghetto? Savez vous que le version singulaire de <<spaghetti>> est <<spaghetto>>?
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This month is black history month, a time to celebrate all black culture. We have a lovely poem written by ms. Washington all about this celebration 
“my mind was twisted when they came to my motherland. I was shackled in their minds before they shackled me! The motherland was rich and precious like the son and daughter of kings and queens that risen on the soil of the motherland.
The motherland Africa! 
Do you know me. Do you really know me!
No! You don't, but you shackled me!
But what you didn’t know that all the shackles were links to great inventors, great politicians, great kings and queens!
You may have shackled my wrists and my feet!
You didn’t know you couldn’t shackle my mind!
I am the soil!
I am the earth!
I am the moon!
I am! Who I say I am! 
Shackle! No shackle!
I am just one of the links to my great ancestors who have paved the way to stand and say
I am me! Beautiful!
Strong! Mighty!
I am in case you didn't know loving the skin that I am so richly in! Shackled? NO not me!”
The statue of liberty was originally meant for the Egyptians
Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was originally built for the Egyptians? The statue of liberty was originally constructed as a muslim woman as a symbol of the suez canal, designined to rival egypt’s most iconic statues, such as the sphynx. “Bartholdi’s working title was Egypt Bringing Light to Asia, and he designed the figure of a ninety-foot-tall Egyptian woman, her arm raised, with a torch in hand,” narrates Peter Hessler in his book, The Buried. refused to take it. In 1870, inspired by Édouard de Laboulaye’s idea to have a monument dedicated to “embodying the values of freedom and democracy in the United States”, Bartholdi designed the “Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World”, which had many similarities to his previous idea.
Another Article
The professional chef!

Mr. Singe was a professional chef before he came to FGPA! He worked at a restaurant called the Blue Door, this restaurant was co-owned by Madonna and Sylvester Stallone. The Blue Door was located in the Delano Hotel. His recipe is called Thon Thon or tuna tuna.

To make this dish you have to:
First, roll the tuna in black and white sesame seeds.
Then fry the tuna until the outside is cooked. Be careful! The inside should remain raw! After slicing into the tuna, the interior should have a purple hue, indicating that it is fully cooked. You have now finished the first step.

At this point in time you should be moving on to the radish garnishing.
To begin the radish garnishing you have to:
Put the radishes in soy sauce and sesame oil.
Then place the radishes to look like fish scales. In the middle of a stack of four radishes put some fennel seeds.

After garnish put the tuna on top of the radishes and garnish with a fried lotus root.


Mr.Singe était un chef professionnel avant de venir à FGPA! Il travaille dans un resto appelé la "porte bleue". Les copropriétaires de ce restaurant étaient Madonna et Sylvester Stallone! La recette de Mr.Singe s'appelle "Thon Thon", ou "tuna tuna".

Pour faire ce plat il faut d'abord, rouler le thon dans les graines de sésame noir et blanc. Ensuite, il faut faire frire le thon, jusqu'à ce que l'extérieur soit cuit. Attention! L'intérieur doit rester cru ! Après avoir tranché le poisson, l'intérieur doit avoir une teinte violette indiquant qu'il est entièrement cuit. Vous avez maintenant terminé la partie de ce plat avec du poisson!

À ce stade, vous devriez passer à la garniture de radis. Pour commencer la garniture des radis il faut mettre les radis dans la sauce soja et l'huile de sésame. Ensuite, il faut mettre les radis pour qu'ils ressemblent à des écailles de poisson. Au milieu d'un tas de quatre radis mettre quelques graines de fenouil.

Après la garniture, mettre le thon sur les radis et garnir d'une racine de lotus frite par votre poile.
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Comic Panel 1
Comic Panel 1
Being Creative Online
Words by Holly and Lucy

Social media is a platform where you can express yourself creatively if you use it in the right way. Some ways you can express yourself online are drawing digital pictures, sharing ideas through creative writing, photography, coding and more.

Some of the members of the Newspaper like to express
themselves online by.....
" Photography."- anonymous
" Making memes." -anonymous
" Creative writing."- anonymous
" Digital art." -anonymous

So as you can see social media has lots of benefits and can be used in a creative way but you have to use it wisely and safely. Some people find they have to be, look, act, or dress a certain way, especially when using social media, and this is a big issue on social media that can be harmful to others and yourself. In certain cases someone might see a photo of someone they think is more attractive than them or dressed a certain way and they think they need to dress like that. This is why it's so important to represent yourself creatively on the media instead of filling your mind with unrealistic expectations.
How to get Organized
Hello FGPA, this article is about how to be more organized in your life. First off, we would like to cite a quote by an anonymous student. They said: “well, I would say that I like to be somewhat organized, and in order to do so some of the things I would do is, well one, maybe keeping things neat and two, I think It's useful to have schedules and lists. Lastly I would say maybe take it step-by-step and don't overload yourself!" They are correct! You might be thinking you can’t do this, but you absolutely can! You just aren't used to it; but you're in luck, because we have some things that can help you. These are the five most important ones:

1) You can have schedules, check off lists for certain activities, and occasions, etc.

2) You can make sure everything is not in the way, and at least try to make an effort to put things away, I know I need to work on that. 

3) Time managment!

4) Have notebooks, organizers, or calenders to keep schedules.

5) And lastly, you should clean up when you are finished doing something, this can help by keeping a fresh enviorment.

By: Holly and Charlotte
News & Current Affairs
La Statue de la Liberté
Est-ce que tu savais que la statue de la liberté était originellement construite pour les Egyptiens? La Statue de la liberté était originalement construite comme une femme musulmane inspirée du sphynx. "Le nom Bartholdi et sont travail apporte la lumière en Asie, il a cree la figure d'une femme égyptienne de quatre-vingt-dix pieds d’hauteur, le bras levé, une torche à la main." dit Peter Hessler dans son livre, les enterrer.
En 1870, Bartholdi a créé la statue de liberté inspiré par l'idée de Édouard de Laboulaye de « incarnant les valeurs de liberté et de démocratie aux États-Unis ».
Sabias que la estatua de libertad estaba originalmente construida para los Egipcios? La estatua de la libertad estaba originalmente construida como una mujer musulmana, como uno símbolo de el Suez Canal, diseñado para rivalizar con las estatuas más icónicas de Egipto, como el Esfinge. “El título provisional de Bartholdi era Egipcio Trayendo Luz a Asía, y destiño la figura de una mujer Egipcia de 90 pies, con su brazo elevado y una antorcha en la mano,” dice Peter Hessler en su libro, The Buried. Egipto negó recibir la estatua. En 11870, Bartholdi diseño la “Estatua de Libertad iluminando el mundo”, que te muchas similitudes entre su otra idea.
Being Creative Online
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Les réseaux sociaux sont une plate-forme sur laquelle on peut s'exprimer de manière créative si on s'en sert de manière responsable. Certaines formes d'expression en ligne consistent à dessiner des images numériques, à partager des idées par le biais de l'écriture créative, de la photographie, du codage, etc. Les membres du club de journal aiment s'exprimer eux-mêmes en ligne par ..... " 

Ceci étant dit, les réseaux sociaux peuvent entrainer un mentalité malsaine. Si vous aimez vous exprimer sur les réseaux sociaux, faites-le avec modération .
Las redes sociales son plataformas donde la gente se puede exprimir creativamente si lo usas de buena manera. Algunas maneras que te puedes exprimir son hacer dibujos digitales, compartir tus ideas creativamente, fotografía, codificación y mas.

Algunos miembros de el periódico fort greener les gusta exprimirse en las redes sociales por:
”fotografía” - anónimo
“hacer memes” -anónimo
“escritura creativa” -anónimo
“arte digital” -anónimo

Cómo puedes ver las redes sociales tienen muchos beneficios y se pueden usar creativamente pero tienes que usar las con cuidado. Alguna gente piensa que tienes que parecerse, vestirse o comportarse de una manera, especialmente cuando usan las redes sociales, y esto es un problema grave en las redes sociales que puede ser dañino a la gente. En ciertos casos alguien ve una foto de alguien bonito/a vestido de cierta manera y piensan que tienen que ser así. Esto es porque es muy importante de representarte creativamente en las redes sociales en ves de llenarte la mente con expectativas no realistas.
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News & Current Affairs
Words by: Beena


Mind Your Mind

Here at FGPA, not too long ago we had someone come in to explain to us his story of depression.
A lot of us took this into consideration about how to deal with their depression or they found strategies to help them fight depression. 
One student, that remains anonymous, says “it was inspiring to see another side of solving depression”. Another says “I learned to mind how I treated myself and others and i began to act more self conscious of my surroundings and the people in my environment”. The man who explained his story of depression also shared to us that “don't put all your eggs in one basket” which means you should put your effort into many things that you love doing, not just one because what happens if it does not work? What would you do then?

En français

A FGPA, on veut que les élèves se sentent bien dans leur peau et alors. On a reçu quelqu'un qui est venu pour nous raconter son histoire. Il parlé de sa dépression et des stratégies qu'il a apprises qui l'aident à la gérer. Plein de collégiens de FGPA ont beaucoup apprécié sa venue, surtout ceux qui souffrent de la dépression eux-même. 
Un.e élève qui a demandé à rester anonyme l'explique: <<cela m'a inspiré de voir d'autres façons de gérer la dépression>>. Un autre élève dit: <<j’ai appris que je devrais faire attention à la façon dont je me traite car ceci impacte comment je traite les autres. Je suis devenu plus conscient de mon environnement et des personnes autour de moi>>.
Hubble now has a partner!
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Words by Milo Demetz
The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most famous spacecrafts, taking clear photos of a location from 13.4 light-years away. On October 25, Hubble ran into a few communication problems, but on November 7, the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) resumed service. On the 21st of November, the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) did the same. Then the Cosmic Origins Spectograph (COS) and the and Space Telescope Imaging Spectograph (STIS) started working again on November 28 and December 6, respectively.
It's new replacement, the more advanced James Webb telescope, launched on December 25, 2021. It is already at the second Lagrange Point, which is about 4 times as far than the moon is from Earth. Six months after launch, it will finally start regular scientific operations, so it still has some time until it is fully deployed.
Le Téléscope Spatial Hubble est l'un des engins spatiaux les plus connus, ayant photographié des endroits à 13.5 années-lumières d'ici. Le 25 octobre, Hubble a eu quelques problèmes de communication. Mais le 7 novembre, la ACS a repris service. Le 21 octobre, le WFC3 a fait le même. Ensuite le COS et le STIS ont recommencé à travailler le 28 novembre et le 6 décembre respectivement.
Son nouvel remplacement, le télescope le plus avancé de James Webb, à été lancé le 25 décembre 2021. Il est déjà au deuxième point de Lagrange, qui est environ quatre fois plus loin que la lune. Six mois après son lancement, Webb va commencé des operations scientifiques régulières, alors il y a encore un peu de temps avant qu'il soit complètement déployé.