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my learning guide

by cristian castellanos


1. What would you change about you?
improve my behavior
2. what gives you motivation to change?
the lot of codes
3. wich obtacles do you find to change these thinks?How can you get over them?
my iperactivity
4.what can you start in a different way?
dont play 5 hores, and study more
5. what is your life goal?
graduate in the university
6.what do you think is missing to start achieveming your goals?
be proactive
7.what would you like to try that you haven't done yet?
try to be a voleivoll pro player

6 priorities in your life
2. be honest
3. study
4. be respectfull
5. be a good son
6. be respectfull whit me friends
1st Term Improvement Plan
past the year
do a list to remenber the thinks that i need to send
continuen sending the works on time
send the works on time
Create a plan of study 
1st Term Improvement Plan cheking
what was your commitment?
to send all me activities on time and if i have a bad note i need to do thereinforcement
what was your commitment?
My commitment is to work and behave well in my classes
Was your commitment fulfilled?
im doing all me activities on time and lending atention to the class
i became really organizated whit me thinks and i think to do hemework when i come to my house
Was your commitment fulfilled?
I am doing my commitment well since I found the value of behaving well during class, congratulations, applause, compliments, etc.
taking importance of the class and respecting the turn of the word and behaving properly
What do you plan to do?
I plan to do continue studing and continue send me activities on team
What do you plan to do?
my plan is to continue behaving well and respecting class times