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Three little pigs

by Petar Vulović


Three little pigs
Once upon a time, on the edge of an ash forest, in a pen next to his mother, three piglets grew. When they grew up, it was time for them to become independent and build their own home. As they were very attached to each other, they decided to build their new houses next to each other. So they will be close to each other and help each other. Although they were brothers, the piglets were different. The oldest piglet was diligent and agile. He constantly carried pliers and a hammer in the pocket of his work suit. He worked and repaired all sorts of things all day or assembled new ones from old ones. His younger brothers were nowhere near as valuable. They lay all day on a haystack or fished in a stream, tying a rope with a hoof hook. They only worked when they really had to. Because the piglets were so different in nature, the houses they built also differed. The oldest piglet, skilled in masonry, built a brick house,
The middle brother built his house from wooden planks, shaky and unstable, hurrying to be finished as soon as possible.The youngest made a house out of bundles of straw because he didn't want to bother. One day a wolf came across a house made of the youngest pig's straw and as he was very hungry, he knocked on the door. When youngest pig look through the opening in the door, he saw a wolf in front of the house, the youngest piglet got scared. After knocking a few times, the evil wolf lost his temper and cried out;
- Open now! If you don’t open, I’ll blow with all my might and blow your straw house!
The wolf began to blow and on the first try blew away the whole house, the piglet got scared and ran into the wooden house. The wolf knocked on the door and shouted;
- Open it, if you don't open it, I'll blow your house off. The wolf started blowing until he blew the whole house out for the third time
Two piglets escaped to the eldest brother.The eldest brother said;
-You can blow as much as you want, but you won't tear down my house. The wolf started to blow but he couldn't knock it down. He climbed on the roof and started to go through the chimney.The pigs lit a fire.Wolf jumbed straight into the fire.Wolf runs out of the chimney and starts running down the creek to put down the fire.
The wolf never dared to come to the piglet again