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Color Wheel

by Maye Brun


The Color Wheel
Table of Contents
Page 1: Title
Page 2: Table of Contents
Page 3: Objective
Page 4: Primary Colors
Page 5: Secondary Colors
Page 6-7: Warm vs. Cool Colors
Page 8: Glossary
Page 9: Link to Assessment
Given the information provided by the lesson and the assessment taken, the fourth grade student will be able to identify primary or secondary colors on a color wheel and whether a color is warm or cool with 95% accuracy.
Primary Colors
Primary colors: The 3 primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. These colors can be mixed together in order to create new colors. However, you cannot create a primary color no matter what colors you mix together.
Secondary Colors
Secondary colors: The 3 secondary colors are orange, green, and purple. You can create these colors by mixing primary colors together.

Watch how secondary colors are mixed:
Try mixing these colors yourself!

Speech Bubble
Warm vs. Cool Colors
Warm colors: Red, orange, and yellow.

Cool colors: Green, blue, and purple.