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by Ginger Hollis


Circus Mirandus Reading Response Journal
Date: July 11, 2022
Pages Read: 10

Title: Circus Mirandus
Author: Cassie Beasley
Summary of what I read:
In Chapter 1, Ephraim Tuttle is on his deathbed. He is suffering from a lung illness. Ephraim's grandson, Micah is hoping for a miracle. Ephraim has told Micah stories about Circus Mirandus his whole life. Now, Ephraim needs Micah to go to the circus to find The Lightbender and bring him to see him because he has promised Ephraim a miracle years ago when Ephraim was just a boy. Micah hopes that The Lightbender will be able to grant Ephraim's wish...a wish that he can help him get well so he won't die. Ephraim doesn't know how he will find The Lightbender. He's never even been to Circus Mirandus, but he believes wholeheartedly that it exists and he will stop at nothing to find it.
Press the listen button to hear my favorite part of this chapter.
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Make a prediction: I think Micah will find the circus because he desperately wants to help his grandfather. I think he will stop at nothing until he finds it and The Lightbender.
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Was your prediction correct? (If it wasn't, what happened?)

What new traits did you learn about your character?




Leading Characters
My explanations:
Important Symbols
I am being raised
by my grandfather.
My connections to Micah
My grandfather struggles
to breathe.
I've never been to a circus
Thought Bubble
I have a best friend
like Micah does.
I think Micah is afraid his
grandfather will die. I
understand his feelings.
Simile and Metaphor Examples
in Chapter 1
Explain the simile on page 3

"While the water heated, the kettle popped like it was stretching out its joints."

Look for a metaphor on the same page. Quote it and explain how it enhances the simile above.