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LNS Resource Hub User Guide*

by Elaine Frampton


LNS Resource Hub
User Guide
Who can use this website? The LNS Resource Hub was designed for literacy practitioners and adult learning educators who teach, tutor or mentor adult learners in Nova Scotia, and are employed by or affiliated with NSCC or a community learning organization.

What is the purpose of this website?
· To allow practitioners to share and co-develop teaching resources
· To provide forums for discussion about resources and best practices
How do I create a user account?
Email the website administrator and provide the following:

• Your name
• Email address
• Name of Learning Organization

As practitioners use the LNS Resource Hub, we hope they will:

• Make connections with literacy practitioners around the province

• Recognize and value the skills they currently bring to working with learners, and broaden and deepen their areas of strength

• Broaden their knowledge of the Nova Scotia School of Adult Learning

• Learn about new specific teaching techniques and strategies for working with adult learners
The website administrator will email you a registration code.  Click on the Create new account link in the User login box on the right side of the homepage. Fill in the text fields and click the green button.
How do I find my personal profile on the website?
Once you have created a user account and logged into the site, click on your username at the top right hand corner. You will see your profile page. Click on the edit tab to upload a profile picture and add your biography.
Links to your user activity, resources, and discussions you have contributed to will appear on your profile page. Other site users will be able to access the content you create via your profile page.
How do I join a discussion group? Click on the Groups tab and you will see a listing of all the groups. Click on the one you want to join, and you will see the main page for that group. Click the Subscribe to group button.

When you subscribe to a group, any discussions, resources and comments posted in that group will appear in your Activity feed. 
Can I create a new discussion group? No. Email the website administrator to make the request and include the name of the new discussion group.
Can I have a private discussion group? No, all discussions on the site are public and any site user can see them. 
How do I create a discussion?
Discussions must be created within a discussion group.
First, click on the Groups tab to see what discussion groups have been set up. Decide which group your discussion should be created in. 

Clicking on My Groups will display only the groups you have subscribed to. Clicking on All will display all groups.