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The life of liberia



By Bernice M
Hello, my name is Precious, And I and my family live in Liberia. The High School I go to is called Nettleton Wesleyan high school. Most of The people here go to school on walking, others go to school by bike or car if they have enough money to pay for a ride. everyone mostly speaks English. There is a lot of different religion here, but the really popular religion here that most people follow is Christianity. 
I have 2 siblings their names are joy and blessing. Joy is the oldest blessing is the youngest and I am the middle child. We all go to Nettleton Wesleyan high school.
I live in an Urban area with my Family We specifically live in Monrovia.

Our House is white and we have three bedrooms. We have only a few simple house rules that are not hard to follow. Some of the rules are like greeting the visitors when they enter your house, especially if they are older. 

Development is really all that. Yes, we have running water here.. Yes, some parts of Liberia have toilets. There is not much electricity but if u could go to a good part of the city you would prob find some electricity.

Most kids in Liberia don’t have a phone or a computer only a bit of kid parents have enough 

I’m matching my story to the realistic life of Liberia/Africa

I attend Nettleton Wesleyan high. My siblings are not attending school yet cus in Most parts of Africa like Liberia, u have to pay school fees so most kids end up going to a lower grade than their age. Yes, I always walk to school. The subjects that are taught in school are the same as here. The school days are pretty normal. Everyone comes to school and goes to their classes. The lesson that we are now learning is pretty much just math.

Like high schoolers and lower graders we all go to school for 1 year after that year we all go to an upper grade. Most schools have drinking water there while others don’t for us. We do have water at our school. Do we have a toilet at our school? The answer is yes. Do we have electricity at our school the answer is no because most of us don’t even have a phone? When we get recess or a free period we just end up playing games. Do we have computers or phones at school? The answer to that is no.

When we go to school the school doesn't give us breakfast or lunch. We have to bring our own food or we could bring money to buy stuff. When we prepare food we just put rice and the soup we like while others put something else, and we either make the food or our parents do. We generally eat our meals during recess. Some common things we eat in Liberia school are rice and soup. Most of us just eat one meal at school. We can choose to buy snacks to bring sometimes if we want. Things that are considered rude during the eating time are when you brought too much food for yourself and others did not bring anything and you don’t wanna share some of yours.
There Is a sports festival that goes on for 1 month in mos African schools mostly all grades are a part of this activity. The activity that goes on is sometimes we put a real egg in a spoon and we have to race with other people, the other activity is when we get in a rice bag and have to jump to the finish line. There are many more other activities but these two were my favorite. The stuff that I and my family used to do is play Lapa other grows up that live close to us use to come and we would all play it is a really popular game in Africa. When I and my family go on vacation is like just driving around and going to parks those were really big deals for us cause not many people have enough money to be going to places like that. Holidays that most of us celebrate our Christmas and new year.