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La Farigola Through the years

by Etwinning Project


100th anniversary
In the school, there were no mobile phones a long time ago. 
A long time ago, there was not as much technology as there is now,  
that was a hundred years ago!! 
In the school there wasn't touch computers. 
In the school there wasn’t 2 buildings, only 1. 
Now the school has touch computers for fifth and sixth grade boys/girls 
there used to be typewriters but now they are not used 

My school is very, very old, it was built in 1923. In the past there
wasn't computers or digital screens, the first school building, now
we have two buildings, was demolished for reasons of hygiene.
In the past there wasn’t any library, where I am before the 5th
grade now is the library. In the past there wasn't a web of the school.
My school is very old, it was built in 1923. In the past there
was one building and now there are two. There was just one playground and today there are two and a courtyard.
It was a school for girls only but today it is for boys and girls.
They used to wear uniforms. Nowadays we dress casually.
Before there were only 6 classrooms and now there are 9.
For me it was a very beautiful school and now it still is.
Ona S
My school is very old, it was built in 1923. Now
in the school there are computers, iPads
and digital screens.
in the past there weren’t computers. In the past there was only one building, but now the school has got two buildings.
100 years ago in the school there were only girls, but now there are
boys, too. In the past there wasn’t the court, but now there is
the court. In the past there wasn´t an English teacher, but now
there is.
My school was built 100 years ago and it has changed a lot since 1923.

There are computers and before there weren’t.

It used to be a girls' school and now it's a boys' and girls' school.
Before the school was from P3 to 8e.
There used to be, in front of the first where there is now art classroom there was a laboratory.
Before where the secretary office is now there was a classroom where the stuffed animals were kept and the secretary office was where the care taker is.
Maria C.