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Diary of a Dragon

by Josephine Piro


Diary Of A Dragon.
Book 1
May 15th
My name is Torch Contor. My mom is half-human half-dragon which led to some interesting looks for me. One of them is I have five talons, like a human has five fingers. I also only walk on two legs just like my mom, otherwise I look like a normal dragon. I have a brother and a sister and we inherited our moms power of drawing with fire and making it come to life. My brother is named Infernis and my sister is named Ruby. Dad says Infernis is a little daredevil I think he needs to stop making stink bombs with his fire. Ruby is a bookworm. The only time she stops reading is when one of Infernis's stink bombs go off. Tomorrow is my first day at the human dragon collaborative school and I am so exited.
My sweet family
May 16th
Today at school the worst thing ever happened. This green dragonet was just walking down the hallway minding his own business when this dark blue dragonet tripped him with his tail and called him Sir Falls A Lot. Then that rotten eel of a dragonet came over to me.
"You're Enigmas kid right? The name's Eel. My dad is Cloak of the Elders." I opened my mouth to tell him off about tripping the other dragonet but he kept talking. "That kid is Venom and he's bad news" He said pointing with his tail at him still not off the floor. "He's Serpenty's kid. But I'll handle him." And he walked off leaving Venom on the floor.
Rotten Eel!
Poor Venom.
May 19th
Things keep getting worse for poor Venom. Eel has been doing the worst things, pushing him off the swings, stepping on his tail even holding him down and writing the word loser on his face and horns. There is something good that came out of it all though. At lunch today Eel dumped his lunch all over Venom and then took his lunch and a human girl that was sitting next to me said "I can't tell what there saying but that is wrong." I jumped a little. Apparently I can also tell what humans are saying. We started talking and boom we were friends.
My new BFF
May 20th
I learned that my new friend is named Mary. She hates bullying and loves science just like me. But I can't stop thinking about Venom. Eel is being such a jerk to him and thinks I'm okay with it. He thinks that I think that bullying is heroic. I can't keep letting this happen but how do I stop him? Then I saw Eel ripping up Venom's school books and I decided that I need to get my moms help. When I told Mary my plan she agreed " We can't let him keep doing this and telling your mom is the best way."
I have to tell mom.
May 21
That night I went to my Mom. "Mom" I said.
"Yes dear, what is it?"
"This kid at school is being a bully to another kid and I don't know how to stop it." I said.
Then she walked into the living room and started telling me a story. "When I was a girl my parents were bullies to me because they knew that I was half-dragon. Then when I came here and met your father and Don and all my other friends I realized that they will have my back. You need to show the bully that his target has friends who will stick up for him. Now go get ready for bed."
Thanks Mom