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Hall of Fame 2021

by Rich Saypack


Online Induction Ceremony
March 6, 2021
1st Row
Dedication, Curt Dressel, Bo Birsky, Richie Wyman, Bob Schweitzer, Tracy Guilford

2nd Row
Albert Gutterson, Greg Birsky, Mary Beth Birsky, Mary Rose Jasinski, Jim Schwartz, Bill Bibens

3rd Row
Dedication, Curt Blake, Cleon Morse, Ken Baker, Jeff Dick, Brad Dunbar

4th Row
A.J. Husband, Dave Stern, Charlie Tarro, Jean Cioffi, Grant White, Dedication
Mens sana in corpore sano
A Cosmopolitan Shares His Thoughts . . .

To the 2021 Induction Class of the Springfield High School Athletics Hall of Fame, we say “Well done and Congratulations.” We recognize not just their physical attainments on the fields and courts of Springfield High School, but the fuller range of their talents in the classrooms of SHS and the greater Springfield community. Their achievements arise from the rich traditions of excellence with roots as far back as ancient Greece and Rome.

The Greek city states of Athens and Sparta achieved their reputations through divergent application of talents for different ends. Athens achieved its renown as an intellectual power, while Sparta emphasized its physical prowess. We may not recognize immediately the Latin phrase above but we certainly know the English translation “a healthy mind in a healthy body”
as the inspiration for many cultural accomplishments through the centuries that sought to blend the best attributes of intellect and physical skill.

We sometimes misconstrue the purposes of an Athletics Hall of Fame as a singular focus on the inductees’ physical talents and records of wins and losses. A truer recognition of these coaches and athletes whom we induct tonight requires that we credit their broader range of success. Truly, they have made the best use not only of their physical talents but of their academic and social talents as well.

The coaches inducted tonight deserve our adulation not just for the wins, losses and championships they achieved, but for the development of character that directed the successes of their teams. The athletes not only won the block Springfield “S” for their athletic efforts, but prepared themselves for significant careers after high school in wide fields of endeavor. The best coaches are educators first. The best athletes are students first. We see that in this accomplished group who add their examples of achievement to our Hall of Fame tonight.

Not by coincidence do we place the SHS crest on the cover of our Induction program each year. The four quadrants of the crest represent the realms of endeavor that we value at Springfield High School, academics, the world of work, athletics, and the arts. At the center of the crest lies the compass point symbolic of how these four realms blend to direct the successes of all

Most important, these Inductees have set their own compasses in determining how to apply their talents and create their individual definitions of success. As Ernest Hemingway said, “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Each of our Inductees has made a career of accomplishing ever greater goals in surpassing his or her former self.

Again, congratulations, and welcome to the Springfield High School Athletics Hall of Fame.

Ed Wilkins
Springfield High School Class of 1971
Retiring Member of the SHS Athletics Hall of Fame Committee
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Springfield High School Athletics Hall of Fame

Recognition of SHS-HOF inductees will be based on the following criteria with appropriate information displayed on the plaques. Criteria for selection into the Springfield High School Athletic Hall of Fame:

1. Must have attended Springfield High School.
2. Must have been out of high school a minimum for 5 years.
3. Must have exemplified outstanding athletic abilities, talents and achievements.
4. Must have represented Springfield Athletics in a positive fashion, both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus.

1. Must have coached at Springfield High School.
2. Must have been out of coaching at SHS a minimum of 5 years.
3. Must have represented Springfield Athletics in a positive fashion, while at Springfield and as a former coach.

1. All teams must be 5 years beyond accomplishment.
2. The induction of a team shall not prohibit the separate induction of one or more of its members.

1. A person who has made significant contributions to the Springfield High School athletic world. Does NOT need to be a graduate of Springfield High School.
2. Deceased athletes, coaches or contributors are eligible to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1. Names along with a PROFILE Sheet are submitted to the SHS Athletic Director.
2. An ATHLETE/COACH/CONTRIBUTOR PROFILE Sheet for nominations is available from the SHS Athletics Director’s Office.
3. The list of nominees shall be evaluated yearly during the fall season with induction occurring in the following spring season. Once a person is nominated they remain on the list for future consideration.
4. The number of inductees each year will be at the discretion of the Hall of Fame selection committee.
5. The Athletic Director will notify the inductees and coordinate the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.
6. The Hall of Fame Committee has the discretion to include a nomination earlier than the five year minimum.
7. The SHS-HOF committee will select the inductees for the first 2-3 years, where upon applications for selection will be accepted anonymously upon receipt of a PROFILE sheet by the Athletics Director for potential candidates.

NOTES: This project has been approved by the Springfield School Board with present and future oversight being made a part of the current and future SHS Athletics Director’s duties. 

HALL OF FAME SELECTION COMMITTEE: Committee members are chosen based on their historical perspective of Springfield athletics, in addition to the Athletic Director, who is an ex-officio member. The current (2021) HOF Selection Committee (year of becoming member) includes: Rich Saypack, AD (2019), Jerry Jasinski (2019), Jessica Martin (2019), Ed Wilkins (2019), Hugh Putnam (2020), Joanie Cioffi (2021).