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Pece Kochovski-Prespa Lake-World of Lakes

by Pece Kocovski


Pece Kochovski, Brakja Miladinovci School, N.Macedonia
Prespa Lake
Name: Prespa Lake
Nationality: Macedonian/small parts in Greece and Albania
How old is it?: At least one million years old and possibly longer
How deep is it?: Maximum depth is 48 meters
Type: Ancient lake , tectonic
The Lake Prespa is located on the tripoint of N.Macedonia, Albania, and Greece. It is a system of two lakes separated by an isthimus:
the Great Prespa Lake, divided between the three countries, and the
Little Prespa Lake, mostly within Greece. They are the highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans, standing at an elevation of 853 metres (2,799 ft).
In 2014, the Ohrid-Prespa Transboundary Reserve between Albania and North Macedonia was added to UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves.
Wildlife: Only 11 native fish species are known from the lake, but 9 of these are endemic: Alburnoides prespensis, Alburnus belvica, Barbus prespensis, Chondrostoma prespense, Cobitis meridonalis, Pelasgus prespensis, Ritilus prespensis, Salmo peristericus, and Squalius prespensis ; the additional two are Anguilla anguilla(European eel) and Cyprinus carpio (European carp). There are population of different birds-ferruginous ducks, tufted ducks, dalmatian pelicans and pygmy cormorans.
Tourism: During summer there are several near village beaches where people rest and enjoy the warm water.