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Community Food Guide

by shih cindy


Food Guide
photo by Zhujiajiao tours and trips
By Zhujiajiao KAYP
What is our food community guide about?
Photo by Dreamstime
Our community food guide is about the food option in our community Zhujiajiao. We will explain the cost, accessibility, and the availability of our food in the community. Anson is our team manager and helper; Keefe is our writing editor and designer; Youyou is our photo editor; and I(Pearl) am the cartographer.
Food Map of Zhujiajiao
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Rounded Rectangle
In ZhuJiaJiao town, people do not walk a lot because of the dangers of car crashing or traffic. Instead, they ride bikes, drive cars, or ride motorcycles. We ride bikes for short trips, but for longer trips, the metro is also ok. The metro is open 24 hours every day. In the week days, my parents sit on metro to go somewhere around the school (pretty far). So the stores and restaurants are accessible to people in the ZhuJiaJiao community. 
photo by youyou
There are many food options around the community of ZhuJiaJiao. People can buy food when they head towards school/work/business. Some are open every day every hour, like, McDonald's, Pang Pang restaurant, and Bain Li Feng. Some restaurants don't open until later, like Starbucks and Mix coffee (and most other coffee shops). Concession stands are usually open at night. We buy nutritious food (veggies, meat, fish) in farmer markets (there are a lot of farmer markets.)
photo by youyou
In our food community, food is affordable. In Bain Li Feng the cheapest food is 1 yuan! Although there are famous and expensive restaurants like Starbucks and Pang Pang, the average meal is cheap, so even people with little money in ZhuJiaJiao won't starve. Also, in Zhujiajiao, there's a lot of cheap fresh food, not only the junk food is cheap. For example, a minute walk from our house there is a farmers market which is very cheap (not as cheap as Bain Li Feng, but not as expensive as Starbucks) which people in our community can afford. 
photo by you you