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Honeymoon in paradise

by Shaina Nova


Cancun in Paradise.
By: Shaina Buckner
On October 29th,2022 I married a man. His name was Kyle Buckner. We had been together for over 2 years and we finally decided to tie the knot.
After our wedding we waited a few months to go on our honeymoon. But finally the time came! We packed our bags and went to the airport. The plane ride was about 4 hours long.
When we arrived in Cancun, a charter bus took us to our resort. It was an all inclusive resort! The staff was so kind and made us feel welcome from the start. They even decorated our room with rose petals since we were celebrating our honeymoon!
On our second day in Cancun, we went to a park called Xcaret. It was calm, hot, sunny and beautiful day. You could hear the water crashing into the waves, smell the salty air, feel how happy everyone was to simply be there.
On the second day, we got the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Personally, dolphins are my favorite! My husband knew how much I liked them and decided we could swim with them. It was so much fun getting to swim and play with dolphins.