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Solutions. Elementary. Unit I C

by Катерина Дерека

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Lesson 3.

Theme Articles. Musical instruments. In the classroom.
Action verbs. Can for ability and permission
Activity 1. Read and translate the dialogue. What is Alfie’s opinion of the girl in the photo? What is Rose’s opinion?
Alfie   Let’s stop and listen. This is a great song.
Rose   Hmm. She isn’t very good. She can’t sing.
Alfie   She can play the guitar really well. And her voice isn’t bad.
Rose I can’t hear the words.
Alfie   But she's really young. She's only fourteen or
fifteen. Can you play the guitar like that?
Rose  No, can't. But I can play the piano. Come on, let’s go.
Alfie   No, wait.
Rose   What's the problem?
Alfie    I can’t find my money.
Can I borrow £1, please?
Rose    For her? Really? Oh, OK

Now, please check the spelling of some musical instruments. Then you can do some online activities.

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