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by Sam Victory



An introduction to coding in the classroom
What are BeeBots?
BeeBots are a fun and easy way to introduce the concept of coding to young children. You can program BeeBots to move forward, backward, right and left, all using simple buttons. Children must visualise the path they want their BeeBot to travel which develops a wide-range of skills, including spacial awareness, positioning and imagination.
BeeBots and Storytelling
Here is an example of an activity we did with our BeeBots in the classroom. Using a storyboard for inspiration, we had to plan a journey around the map for our BeeBot and then program the directions he needed to take to complete it. This would be an interactive and exciting way to improve storytelling and creativity, alongside an introduction to coding.
BeeBot Lesson Ideas:

BeeBots could be programmed to travel around maps, to rivers, lakes and mountains or other countries. This would help children recall place-names and explore different cultures while the BeeBot is programmed to travel to certain places.

The BeeBot could be involved in maths equations. For example, different numbers and signs are placed on the ground. If the BeeBot travels from "3" to "+" and then "17", the children must solve the problem.

Children could be asked to draw and design their own mazes for their BeeBot that they can paint or decorate.

BeeBots can be used in the teaching of both Mathematics and Literacy.

Bruner's educational theories can be applied to BeeBots in the classroom. By playing with these basic coding devices, children get practical lessons and they learn while doing (enactive). For example, a student may need the BeeBot to travel forward three spaces, before turning left and continuing forward four spaces. in this way, a child gets hands-on experience of using certain strategies. BeeBots are colourful and have buttons with actions and symbols making them easy to use and fun (iconic). They also challenge children to use new language, such as directional and mathematical, that helps to improve their understanding in the areas of Mathematics and Literacy.