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raelyn thompson Interactive Workbook- Geologic Processes

by Raelyn Thompson

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The Earth is a dynamic, ever changing planet. The interaction between the hydrosphere and the lithosphere reshapes the surface over and over again. It is a constant process of building up and tearing down. While we aren't alive for all the changes, the evidence is around us, and we use models to simulate the long term changes.

Let's explore four geologic processes in our workbook.
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Time-lapse video of bluff erosion on Barter Island, Alaska
Recorded June 1, 2019 - August 18, 2019
Table of Contents
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Caves..... Page 4-5
Coastlines..... Page 6-7
Deserts..... Page 8-9
Glaciers..... Page 10-11
Mixed..... Page 12-13
Puzzles+..... Page 14