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BMW Marketing Report

by Amishaben


Marketing Report
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  Course Title: Business and Marketing
 Lecturer Name: Niamh Cullen
Module/Subject Title: Fundamentals of Marketing
 Assignment Title: Marketing Report BMW IX
 No of Words: 3000
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Table of Contents
1.    Introduction
2.    PESTEL analysis
3.    SWOT analysis
4.    Objectives for your marketing strategy
5.    Target audiences
6.    Competitor Analysis
7.    Marketing strategy
8.    Conclusion 
In this presentation we will demonstrate marketing activities and strategies in order to showcase the new BMW XI hybrid electric car to our customers while maximising profits and growing brand recognition in the world of auto manufacturing and sales

  We are manufacturing and selling a premium exclusive car, one that takes adventures beyond expectations. It has all the strong points of a 5-Series, with no loud noise of an engine. Truly the future of electric and hybrid driving in Ireland
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Pestel Analysis
Political Factors
BMW Group has specialised into many different markets and countries not only Ireland.
Therefore, BMW have taken into consideration of all cultures in every country that the company entered.
BMW has had to recheck theirs cars and engines in order to adhere to European Union laws.
Heavy polluted cars will be taxed higher
Economic Factors
Fuel cost increasing will be a positive when trying to market the IX as customers will be more inclines to make the switch to hybrid
Low intrest rats will make it easier to get a loan to purchase the car
Exchange rates will influence the import and deportation of cars from other countries
Economic growth and inflation
Social Factors
New cutting edge featured that customers are willing to pay for
Ability to manufacture custom unique orders
Population growth means more demand for cars
Technological Factors
New features such as Iphone and USB adaptors HD radio , bluetooth and apple car play make the car more attractive
Roadside assistance, GPS, Car unlock and lock through key sensors
Promotion of the car through the internet ads and social media