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Pascual Orozco



Pascual Orozco
By Allan R and Narek S
Chapter 1 : His life before the Revolution
Pascual Orozco was an important figure in the Mexican Revolution. But before the revolution, he was born in the northern state of Chihuahua in 1882, in a politically active family.

He had a few years of primary education and worked in his father's store until he became a muleteer. A muleteer who is a worker that transports ores from local mines. His transporting business thrived and by 1910 he had his own team of mules.
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He also had a retail store and was a successful businessman with a good reputation and was known to be an honest man.
Chapter 2 : His first steps
Orozco started getting into the rebellion because of his father. He was very against Porfirio Diaz being president so he also became against him. He joined one of the earliest groups against Diaz. Then later in 1910 Abraham Gonzalez made Orozco a military leader. Abraham Gonzalez was one for the leaders of the revolution. He got people to join because of his good reputation in his home town.

Then went with Abraham to attack a location in the north side of Mexico.
Orozco is shown here posing for a picture before leaving on his mission outside his hometown with Abraham. He is shown with hat, gun and a buckle full of bullets.
Chapter 3 : Battle of Ciudad Juárez
Orozco and Francisco Pancho Villa, another revolutionary, started to attack Ciudad Juárez on May 1911.

Orozco was able to capture the federal commander General F. Navarro, the commander at Juárez. Orozco wanted Navarro to be tried in court because he executed his troops. Madero disagreed and helped him escape. This increased the tension between the two.