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by Juan Diego


Abilities The ability is the innate aptitude, talent, skill or ability that a person has to carry out, and of course with success, a certain activity, job or trade.

Communication skills is the ability to communicate well, to be understood and understand others, to know how to structure this process to establish social relationships with their peers, where correct listening, reading, and oral and written expression are integrated.
Curriculum Set of knowledge that a student must acquire to achieve a certain academic title.
Competencies Ability to develop something.

Curriculum guidelines are a resource for the implementation of the Basic Learning Rights, which will allow teachers to be guided on what students should learn in each grade and how they can develop activities for this purpose.
Didactics Part of pedagogy that studies teaching techniques and methods.

Exploration refers to diligently examining, recognizing, finding out, or registering a place or thing.

Evaluation: the making of a judgement about the amount, number, or value of something; assessment.
English Standards They represent clear and public criteria that allow us to know what children and young people should learn, they mark the point of reference of what they are capable of knowing and knowing how to do in contexts with English at different levels.
Foreign language A foreign language is one, other than the mother tongue, that is learned in an academic (formal) context within a community in which that language is not used as a means of communication
Game Activity that is generally carried out for fun or entertainment and in which some capacity or skill is exercised.

Learning Acquisition of knowledge of something through study, exercise or experience, especially the knowledge necessary to learn an art or trade.