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Black Holes

by Leland DEMETRIO


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Illustrated in drawing by. Leland Demetrio.
Black Holes.
Table of Contents:

What is a black hole?

How does a black hole work?

Fun facts.


Author's page.
Chapter 1.
Black holes form from enormous stars 3x the sun. When one runs out of fuel, it can no longer support its heavy weight.
Pressure from the star’s hydrogen layers force it to become smaller.
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Eventually, the star is squeezed into a tiny space even smaller than an atom. In the middle It has more gravity. Gravity in a black hole is very very strong. iron is in the middle of a black hole. Iron doesn’t create energy. Nothing can escape its pull not even light.
Chapter 2.

A  place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out.
This causes an explosion called a supernova.


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The giant star is eventually Squished  into a super small dot you can not see.
The intense gravity near a black hole makes time behave in strange ways. All of the elements Create energy But iron doesn't

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