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Leader in Me

by Craig Fisher


Chapter 4: Creating a Leadership Culture
The Leader in Me
by: Jackie Lightell, Christine Lang, Roxanne Shadrick, and Craigee
The Physical Environment
The school environment should send a message that this is an exciting place to be and expectations are high.
Students take a proactive approach and have ownership on how a school looks. They own it!
The Emotional Environment
In years to come, students may forget what you taught them but they will always remember how you made them feel!
The main statement that parents make about successful "Leader in Me" implementation is that is makes their children feel more self-confident.
Shared Leadership
The best way for students to learn to be leaders is by seeing ALL adults modeling it. From custodians to teachers to administrators
Involve students as leaders by giving them leadership roles, valuing their opinions, and helping them find their voice
Leadership Responsibilities
There are many things that students can do to demonstrate leadership and ownership..... shutting down computers, passing out papers, closing blinds, wiping down desks, greeting at door, helping with tech, office runner, running school events ,etc.
Valuing Student Opinions
The most fundamental assumption of Leader in Me is that every child is important, every child has gifts.