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(copy) Whispers of Life and Death

by Amelia Mazzarella

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Whispers of Life and Death
Written by Amelia Mazzarella
A goldfinch flutters through the afternoon sky,
And through the sunlight comes a yellow butterfly.
        A honey bee lands on a yellow rose,
And the wind whispers secrets only a tree knows.

Golden sap trickles down a maple tree,
And I think to myself I am finally free.
Free to run through the endless trees,
And to lie in the meadows with the birds and bees.
As barefoot as a hare passing by,
As happy as a butterfly,
In this place where lemons ripen on tall standing trees,
Where the world is always mellow it seams,
A place called forever, Yellow dreams.

Wild Rose
The budding rose,
Of newfound beauty and pose,
In the wild bright meadows it grows.
So mysterious and new,
For one moon ago it grew,
As a shoot coming out of the ground,
It's head seeks the sun as though,
It's all this time been lost but now found.
As it blooms bigger,
It's petals unfold,
And it's a greater beauty to behold.  
It stands tall and proud,
It's beauty once quiet,
Now obviously loud.
As the summer rolls on,
The beauty is far from gone,
As it sheds it's old wings and grows new,
And though in the fall it's most rid of it all,
The rose is still poised the same.
As winter comes and buries in snow,
The rose that calls to thy name.
The withering rose so delicate now,
Bows it's head upon the ground,
A dark purple shade,
Crested with snow in the glade.
Butterfly Child
Heavens Gates
Spread your wings, my child.
It’s your turn to fly high, free.
Don’t think of me, lone.

My time has come, child.
It’s fine, you can leave me now.
I can fly no more.
I hear your voice love,
Leave those gates open for me.
I am coming home.

All began at your horrible death.
They know not your name,
The name of the reason for their “Rain”
They take this water as if their right,
The water that comes from far from their sight.
The water that leaks from my sorrowful eyes,
Until the end of eternal time.
Mortality, your only crime.
And for your death, my punishment grows,
Here until the earth breathes it's last,
Here until the universe collapses.
Here until It starts again,
Forever morning my long lost friend.
My soulmate,
My gift,
The love of my life.  
The price for my love stabs me everyday like a knife.
So when the rain falls,
Every day it rains, you know,
The flowers in their gardens grow.
The animals have water to drink,
And the leftover water,
To the ground sinks.
Good things come from sorrow too,
And the tears I shed daily for you,
Water their plants,
And hydrate their pets,
And I wish I could stop,
But they rely on these torrent jets,
Of new fresh tears for their crops.
Are my tears for you or them?
I know not now.

I know not now.
These crystal gems,
Of water fresh,

And the flowers grow,
And the animals drink,
I am growing my chains,
Link by link.
Raining tears
About the author:
My name is Amelia Mazzarella and I am thirteen,
I live in Ohio,
To be specific,
Bowling Green.
I go to Perrysburg Junior High,
My favorite movie is Titanic,
Even though it makes me cry.
I am a massive Harry Potter fan,
I do write fan fiction,
And I prefer water over land.
My favorite place is Hilton Head island,
With the beach and the sand.
I love Minecraft and Rock band,
And I read and write in my spare time,
And I find it easy to make words rhyme.
I've sang in an Opera and love to sing,
And my least favorite season is Spring.
My favorite color is blue,
All of this is entirely true,
And I have a cat named Jasper,
I ran out of rhymes for that one,
So that's a disaster.
I think you know me well enough,
So now I say goodbye.

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