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How to survive a(nother) Lockdown (extracts)

by Julia Kruse


How to Survive a(nother)
Grade 9 English
Comic Panel 1
Welcome to our little book!
It is April 18, 2021, and everybody feels tired of the corona virus pandemic. To cheer people up and show how teenagers have dealt with this unordinary situation, trying to make the best of it, we put this little digital booklet together.

Here, the reader will find a collection of the individual work of grade 9 students who attend the International School of Rostock-Warnemünde (Ecolea). They have created one page each to showcase their 'survival techniques' for the third wave of the pandemic while they were in the middle of it. Get ready for a large variety of things to explore: the students' favourite recipes for cooking and baking, songs for moments of relaxation or going wild and other ideas they came up with.
Enjoy the read and stay save!

Ms K (grade 9 English teacher)
Dear reader,
the following text will describe what I did to make the lockdowns more comfortable for me. You'll find some recommendations too.
First of all - MUSIC
Music played every day and it made me happier. Here a little impression of my music taste:

Studying was sometimes really annoying and it stole lots of hours. While scrolling through instagram I discovered a plattform called "study stream".
Try it yourself, it might be helpful to you as well.
If you're normally a traveller, who likes to discover new places far away - try this website. It may help to forget the wanderlust.

Having a strict structure helped me to get
more free time. When I wasn't busy working on tasks, I read books, played basketball or tried to do new things. These are books I'd like to recommend:
1. Lieber Daddy Long Legs - Jean Webster
2. Lieber Feind - Jean Webster
3. Eine Geschichte der Zitrone - Jo Cotterill
4. Schlaft gut, ihr fiesen Gedanken - John Green

Last, but not least I enjoyed baking and arts. Use the time to be creative, play with your family and enjoy the calm atmosphere. And don't forget to give a videocall to your friends as often as
possible! Stay in contact!
here are my advises to "survive" another lock down. For it is important to be well organised. At the first lock down I missed the first video conferences and that makes me not understanding school material as well as I could, if I be present a the video conferences.
Another tip is to do the work that you should do on the day at the day you get it (except work for more than one school hour then you don´t have to finish it), because if you don´t do it you will loose your understanding for the theme at the school subject.
When I do my school work in the lock down, it helps me a lot to hear music of my favourite band Red hot Chilli Peppers. It make it easier to relax by doing work and helps you to get your mind free. Additional it helps to get no bad mood.
The next tip is to have a plan in mind when you have to hand in tasks or when you have your next video conference. It helps a lot when you make a plan in mind what will happen when and how you want to split you work over the day. That helps to have no bad surprises.
If I don´t make school or learn I read a lot I helps me to relax and in my opinion it is a great activity. My favourite author in the last time is Markus Heitz. I love his writing stile and how he increase the tension. I just can recommend his books for someone how like the genre fantasy.
Also, I started to watch Netflix in the lock down and I can say it is a great activity to spend time when you can not meet people. My favourite series that I watch in this time is The Witcher.
A highlight for everyday was that I can sleep longer as I could as I have to go to school.
The last but not least tip is to ask the teacher when you do not understand something. It is more important as usual, because if you lose touch it is difficult to catch up. Especially in the lock down. Or you can ask your older sister or brother to help you or your parents.
written by
Richard Gorny