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by Noel Tisell


All about Sweden
Written and illustrated by Noel Tisell
table of contents
Chapter one Sweden
Chapter two language and flag
Chapter three food
Chapter four animals
Chapter five glossary
page 1
Chapter one Sweden
Have you ever wonder how it would be to live on the other side of the world like Sweden. Well if you have here read Sweden's in your neighbor's do Norway and Finland under Sweden is Denmark. Spanish not so like the little. Small but not too small to medium small.
page 2
Chapter two language and flag
Do you speak a different language? Well if you don't here's some words from Sweden.First we have hello but on swedish here HALLO now we put in book is BOK. Here's a picture of the swedish flag.
With blue and yellow colors.
page 3
This is the three main places in Sweden Stockholm, Goteborg and Boras.
Here's a picture of Goteborg
page 4
Here's a picture of Stockholm
Here's a picture of Boras