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Amazing Hot Heat waves

by Jake Mendez


Amazing Hot Heat Waves
Made by Jake mendez
Table of Contents
2....... What is a heat wave?
8...... Glossary
3...... Why does heat waves happen?
4....... When do heat waves happen?
5...... Where do heat waves happen?
6........ How do heat waves affect us?
7....... How can we stay safe from a heat wave?
What is a Heat wave?
Well a heat wave is a hot disaster that might kill you because it can burn you to deaf and make you sick.
Heat waves can also break buildings
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Fun Fact
The skies are red when there's a heat wave. you can feel the heat wave come close if you feel hot then before
Heat waves can reach 120 degrees (49 degrees celsius) and trap hot air releases the heat wave starts
Why does Heat Waves Happen?
It happens when the sun makes the earth hot enough to burn stuff
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Fun Fact
Heat waves can kill fifty thousand people and the place with the most heat waves is india
Heat waves can be strong
When do Heat waves happen?
They happen often in the summer and in spring
Mostly Heat waves start in summer
Where do heat waves happen?
Pictures of where they happen
Heat waves happen in North america and in Europe and in Asia and in australia and in middle east