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Classroom Scavenger Hunt

by Leah Bathon


Classroom Scavenger Hunt
Team Building Exercise

Draw cards that will divide students into groups or three or four. Get partnered up and take out a pencil and paper. Each group will have the same puzzle to solve and will receive one activity puzzle page. You may not begin until I say start. Work together quickly and quietly to solve word problems throughout the room; you will have 30 minutes. When your group has finished the puzzle return to desks and sit quietly waiting for directions winning group will have an incentive.
This activity is basically a classroom scavenger hunt where students divided into teams and work together to solve a puzzle. The scavenger hunt will consist of students using their multiplication and division skills to solve word problems in order to find the next clues. The students would be separated into groups of three or four and will demonstrate how to work together and solve the puzzle. All throughout the classroom will be the random math problems they will need to solve together.