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Hachiko dog

by Elmer Manrique Lopez Sales


The love of a dog
1923, Odate Japan, a quiet and usual night as Professor Eisaburo Ueno always used to have, after teaching at the university he used to board a train, when he got off the train a small wooden box fell from a delivery cart the box was broke and immediately came out of the box a beautiful puppy who was lucky enough to find the teacher who was hesitant to take him home since his wife was allergic.

A few days later the Professor decided to adopt the little dog because apparently, he had no owner, but he was struck by the necklace that the little dog was wearing, on his collar he had signs which he did not know, and he visited his best friend who translated the signs of the dog. necklace, he said that on the necklace there was a number which is pronounced Hachi number 8 in Japanese and a lucky number. Eisaburo called his puppy the name Hachiko.

Since that day Hachiko and the teacher became inseparable souls, it seems that fate wanted them to meet that night at the station, Hachiko used to accompany his owner every day to the train station and knew the exact time that the teacher was coming home.

All the people who traveled and those who worked at the train station knew Hachiko because every morning and every afternoon he used to go looking for his owner so much that it became a beautiful routine for that friendship and so the months went by.

Professor Eisaburo was an older man one day he was teaching at the university when he began to feel poorly healthy, but he did not pay as much attention to him, he returned home with his wife and Hachiko as usual, until in May 1925 at the usual day the professor died at the University while teaching. Hachiko never imagined that this was the last morning she would accompany her owner to the train station. That same day Hachiko returned to the train station the hours passed, but his owner never appeared, the professor's wife tried to take Hachiko home, but Hachiko noticed that his owner was not at home because he decided to run away from home and Going to the station, Hachiko thought that his owner still remained at the station and so poor Hachiko spent waiting for his owner for years.

Winter, spring, and autumn came and went, but the heart submerged with the sadness of that poor dog remained faithful to the memory of its owner, it remained for 9 years at the Shibuya train station, right in the same place where He used to wait for the teacher, ate what people gave him and thus spent his last days waiting.
March 1934 Hachiko felt an enormous fatigue, his body went numb, and his soul felt peace, Hachi looked for the last time towards the door of the train station, he could not believe it in a long time his heart had not felt the happiness and love that he felt when he saw his owner walking towards him with open arms. Hachiko never woke up from that beautiful dream, but at least he was able to meet the owner of it.
The next day there were many people at the station, who were looking at the poor puppy who died in the same place where he used to wait for his owner.
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● The puppy's name in Japanese means 8, a lucky number.

● His breed is Shiba Inu 

● People visit Hachi's statue every March 5 because that was the day he died.

● It has several commemorative statues

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