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by Amberlyn Koenig


This is Me!!
By Amberlyn Koenig
My first character trait is patience. I do not mind waiting at all for someone to finish up with whatever they are doing. I do not like to stress people out or have them feel overwhelmed by rushing them to finish something. The best things are always better when you take the time to complete them.
My second character trait is being creative. I like how there are so many ways to think out side the box and to be able to create different ways to teach a lesson to my students that will engage them while having fun.
My third character trait is being helpful. I love being helpful in any way that I can. I will go out of my way to find whatever I need to help someone create, understand, or to share. I want people to look at me and know that if they ever need help they can come to me.
My fourth character trait is organization. I have a much harder time being prepared than organized, but I can have everything neat and in order. Having the classroom organized helps the students find supplies that they need and to help keep them from losing their own supplies. I find it much easier to find the materials that I need for a lesson and not having to dig around to find them.
My fifth character trait is understanding. I am hearing- impaired and I have always struggled in school and I know what it is like when things get hard or when I cannot understand a concept. I understand that there can be personal problems at home with family. I an able to create a safe, stress free place in my classroom to help my students to succeed.