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Grammar Book

by Katelyn Day


Katelyn's Grammar Book
Focus Phrase: I use nouns to show a picture of people, places and things.
Example: My cat went to the couch.
Proper Nouns
Please underline the proper nouns in this example.
Focus Phrase: I will capitalize proper nouns.
Example: Mrs. Day is my third grade teacher.
Verbs #1
Focus Phrase: Verbs show action.
Example: Blakely likes to wiggle and smile.
Verbs #2
Focus Phrase: I use verbs to show it like it is: are, was, were, be, been, and am.
Example: My cats were sleeping together.
Adjectives #1
Focus Phrase: “I use adjectives to tell what kind and how many.”  (Adjectives describe nouns.)
Example: I have a beautiful, chunky baby!