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How Bees Live


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How Bees Live by Hilton Hall
How Bees Live by Hilton Hall
Dedication Page
I dedicate this book to my friend Kona because you have an interest in bugs and always try to help them.
Table of contents

Social Interactions
Interdependent Relationships
Ecosystem Dynamics
Wow! Facts
A cool fact about bees is they help the earth.
A bee is an insect.
I know this because they have 6 legs.
I also know that bees have antennas.
These are the ways you classify bees.
Bees need to live in the garden so it can get what it needs .
It gets food by eating flowers.
It also gets shelter by building hives.
Bees even get water by eating nectar.
They must live in the correct ecosystem so they can live.
Life cycle
Mouth, stinger, and wings are three important physical characteristics of a bee.
It uses its mouth to eat nectar.
It also uses a stinger to protect his or herself.
Bees even use eyes to eat so that they can see the food.
Bees need all of these adaptations to survive.
Life Cycle
Just like any other insect bees have a life cycle.
Bees start out as an egg.
Then, larvae comes out of the egg.
After that, the larvae turns into pupa.
Lastly, they turn into a bee and can live for 45 days.