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Microteaching- Portfolio

by Aiman Iqmal


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About the Author
name: muhammad aiman iqmal bin noorasid

Age: 21 years old

BTESL student

Live in Ampang, Selangor

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Personal principle in teaching
Teaching, as I describe it, is the process by which I assist students in acquiring information and skills via instruction. It involves a variety of aspects relating to me as a teacher, the mode of information transmission, and the students as recipients. To put it another way, learning is a process that involves teachers, educational materials, and students. According to that definition, teaching is the process of providing information to a group of learners via the use of diverse educational materials. As a result, it is a necessary aspect of the learning process.
overall reflection about microteaching class
Microteaching subject is definitely one of my favorite subjects as a BTESL student. I personally think it is very different compared to other subjects which require me to read a lot of things to get the information. But, with this subject, it does not require me to read a lot to understand everything as I only need to "do" it or "practice" the things that I have learned.

Not only that, I think Microteaching subject really helps me to become a well-prepared teacher when I am going to internship one day. I learned and still learning the little details on how to handle the classroom and students in excellent and correct ways. There are so many new things that I have learned from this subject so far including how to perform set induction in a correct way, how to use questioning techniques correctly and also how to motivate students by using reinforcement strategies. I enjoyed learning everything because I believe that it will help me to become a good teacher one day.
The first class for my Microteaching subject started with our lecturer, Madam Nirmala showing the whole class the SOW for the subject. I feel like it was really helpful for a lecturer to start the class by showing the SOW so that the students get to know everything and what to expect from the subject.

Then, Madam Nirmala continued the lesson with the topic 1 since we had a lot of time left. She taught us the Introduction of Microteaching. I learned a lot actually from the first session with her. As we know, teaching is not an easy profession. That is why subject like Microteaching can help us to become a better teacher. Microteaching is an innovative training approach in which a teacher trainee or a student-teacher leads a lesson for a small number of students for a short period of time. This is meant to help teachers improve their abilities. This technique has shown to be helpful since it focuses on a single ability at a time.
The second class of the week started with us learning how to write a proper lesson plan when we become a teacher one day. A lesson plan is a teacher's daily guide to what pupils should learn, how it should be taught, and how learning should be assessed. Lesson plans provide a precise structure for instructors to follow throughout each class session, allowing them to be more productive in the classroom. This guarantees that every minute of class is spent teaching new ideas and having productive conversations.

Madam Nirmala also highlighted the importance of having a proper lesson plan as it can affect our teaching process if we don't have a good one. In this 21st century, everything has changed and revolutionized. Students are getting more creative but as a future teacher, we have to make sure we use the advantages to the fullest.