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Year 1 autumn topic

by J.Marshall


Changes in living memory
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School
Year 1

Term: Autumn 1
Created by Mrs Marshall
Edited by Miss Donnan
WALT: compare toys throughout history.
We compared our favourite toys to toys that our parents may have played with. We said that we have more toys that are electronic . Jaxon said he prefers old fashioned toys because they are more fun!
WALT: understand how transport has changed over time.
We talked about how transport has changed over time. We could see that both cars have four wheels so they do share some similarities. We said they have got better over time so it must be easier for people to get around. Jessie thinks they have changed because people have more money now. We then made some artwork to show what we have learnt.
WALT: create our own vehicles.
We followed the whole design process to design, mock up, evaluate and make our own cars. We talked about what materials would be best and decided we need hard materials in case they crash.
WALT: understand how things have changed in the home.
We read Peepe and looked at the similarities between their home and our home. We decided that a lot has changed since then and we have much more stuff now.