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Let's Discover Klaipeda

by Emilija Marciulynaite


Let's Discover Klaipėda
"The Black Ghost"
I've chosen this statue because it intrigued me by the name.
Next to Klaipeda Castle Museum and thechain bridge you can discover sculpture of a ghost which is climbing out of the water, through the embankment and is holding a lantern in his left hand.
The sculpture of the black ghost recalls an old legend. It was said that in 1595 one of the Klaipėda‘s castle guards, Hans von Heidi suddenly saw a ghost… 
The mystical guest warned that city might face “ a shortage of grain and timber” Having said this, the ghost retreated back into the frog.
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Klaipeda’s Castle Museum
On the side where “Memelburg” castle used to be, there is a Klaipeda’s castle museum. Every year on the 1st of August theatrical medieval knight battle shows are carried on the castle site to mention city’s birthday.
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