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Our Number Novel

by CCE Otters


Table of Contents:
1) How Many Robux can he buy? By, Tyson B. (McIntyre's Class)
2) Bill's Friend and his Candy. By, Cameron Moulton (former OTTER)
3) A Playground. By Joues (Rahaim's Class)
4) Who Won on the First Hole? By Landon J (Green's Class)
5) Toy Cars by, Tristyn K. (Phelan's Class)
6) The Candy Creator by, Addison M (Green's Class)
7. My Knitting Niche by Addison (Green's Class)
8) Day at Disney by, Addison M (Green's Class)
9) Room Re-do by, Addison (Green's Class)
10) Ice Cream by, Ive (Youket's class)
11) Seasons by Joelina
12) Going Bananas (Youket's Class)
13) Brrrrrr by, Addison (Created for K-1 Students)
14) Meow by Lily (Youket's Class)
15) Where am I? By, Keira and Georgia
16) "Among Us" by, Youket's Class
Table of Contents (cont)
How many Robux can he buy? By Tyson Best
Bill's Friend and his Candy. By Cameron M.
Can you find his hidden mistake?
What should he have done differently?
A Playground. By Joues