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The Attempt to Save the Planet

by Matheus Fróes De Oliveira Brandini


Matheus Fróes
Pedro D Machado
Isabela Silva
Sofia Nardone
Valentina Alcubierre
Chapter 1-The warning of NATIONAL GOVERNMENT
In the country of New Land, Emrys city, there was a mid-class family, the Jones Family. The members of the family were, Mrs. Jones (the mother), Mr. Jones (the father), David (the oldest child) and Violet (the youngest child). Mrs. Jones is a smart 40-year-old woman. Mr. Jones is a serious 43-year-old man. David, a kind teenager boy of 13 years old. And Violet, a fearful kid of 9 years old.  
        While the Jones family was having their lunch, Mr. Jones turned on their TV to see the news. On the news there was an important message of the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, (Organization that commands the whole Earth). The message was a warning, saying that some countries had no sources like water, food, wood or plants enough. And they would need to select a group of at least 4 people to colonize other planets. After this news, Violet cried and questioned:
“Is this warning true?”
“I really don’t know!” exclaimed David
“If this message is on the news it probably is true” answered Mr. Jones
``If this is true, we need to pay attention to the things that are happening in the world.” advised Mrs. Jones.
After some hours Mr. Jones saw that the prime minister of the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT sent an email informing that the Jones family had been selected to colonize the other planets, and that they would need to organize their things and go to the spaceship on the following day.. 
After that, Mr. Jones announced to his family that they were selected to colonize the other planets. At this moment, the whole family was terrified, but they understood that they would need to save the whole Earth. The family packed their things, and Mrs. Jones had the idea to take a camera to record everything.

Chapter 2  -The meeting with the Jones Family

           The first thing that Mrs. Jones thought to take in her bag was the camera. They had the purpose of recording everything that would happen on the spaceship and would record the style of life that the Jones Family would take. And the places they would visit. They finished the baggage and went to sleep.      
The day after they woke up and had a good breakfast, because they would have a long day. After breakfast they went to the building of the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, to talk about the spaceship and talk about the trip and their mission. When they arrived in the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT they couldn't believe their eyes, the spaceship was huge, and the place to have their meals was awesome, they loved everything, each place. Mrs. Jones got the camera and recorded that moment, and Violet asked:
“What a beautiful spaceship! Can we enter?"
´´No Violet, we need to have the meeting first´´replied Mr.Jones.
´´Ok but when will the meeting begin?´´questioned Violet
At this moment the prime minister appeared to show the whole building to him.
´´Hi guys! I saw you were curious to see the building and the spaceship, let's go!´´ -invited the prime minister
´´Yeee!´´ shouted Violete anxiously.
The prime minister started to walk around the whole building, and the Jones Family was fascinated with the beauty of it. After some minutes they had a meeting about their trip, their missions and to talk about the spaceship.
´´Sit here´´ said the prime minister
All the family sat in their seats in the prime minister's room.
``Ok so what will we need to do?´´ questioned Mrs.Jones
``Ok the missions are simple, you were summoned to colonize and get other resources from other planets. You will have a walk-talk for us to communicate with you and if something goes wrong..´´
``Something WRONG!?´´- exclaimed David
´´I AM SCARED!´´-shouted Violet with a fearful tone
``Nothing will go wrong, I promise little Violet,´´ the prime minister calmed the family down.
After a long conversation, the Jones Family packed their things and…

Chapter 3 -The trip to colonize the planet

      They were nervous about their trip, but they knew they would come back, that was what they knew…
      They were entering on the spaceship, which was enormous, with 3 beds, the perfect space. There was an automatic pilot, so they could relax until they arrived on the other planet. Mrs. Jones took the camera and recorded the lifestyle that they were taking. The spaceship started moving and they were very nervous, they saw a lot of people saying goodbye through the window, and after seeing that all the Jones family became happy they would ``save´´ the world.
After one week inside the spaceship, the Jones family arrived on the planet. They settled down on the planet, with a special cloth that gave oxygen and protected them from any kind of radiation. Now they needed to find resources. When they took the first step on the planet they felt a soft ground. And they saw that the whole planet was a desert, they couldn't see any resources, like woods, water, food or plants. They were shocked, but didn´t give up, when they started walking, they noticed it was almost without gravity, and they started floating
“What is going on?” asked Violet a little bit scared
“It's normal, just follow me.” David answered.
  And as always, Mrs.Jones started recording the new planet for her memories and to send for the minister. They were walking and floating, walking and floating, walking and floating…

’’Look! There are some trees and…and´´said David confused
´´And what?’’asked Mr.Jones
The family saw a mysterious goop, a purple one, the family got scared, they walked,
walked, walked ,walked and got closer to the mysterious goop.