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Besties Betrayal

by Pataphorn Jenkittikul


our last summer
There was a girl with brown hair and brown eyes named Laney. Laney was playing soccer at the playground. Her best friend, Alex, came up to her. She had blonde hair and was a cheerleader. “Hey, Laney are you gonna play for a long time?” She asked.
“Yeah, why??” Laney replied.
“Oh, I just wanted to know. Tell me when you’re done!!!” Said Alex while walking away.
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Alex walked up to her friend, Britney. “Ugh, she is SO annoying!!” Britney said. “I know, right?” Alex replied. “I deserve so much better!!!”
“That’s why I’m your back up friend.”Britney told her.
“You are definitely more better then her, Britney.” Alex confidently said. Alex was so popular and EVERYONE wants to be friends with her.
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I know, right?
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When Laney was done, she was looking for Alex. She saw Alex talking to her friends. “Alex!!! There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you.” Alex was
startled. “Jesus!!! You scared me there!!”
“Oops, sorry!” Laney apologized. “Anyways, what are you guys talking about.”
”Uhhh….about a cool cafe!” Britney lied.
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The bell rang. “That’s the bell!! See you after class, Britney!!” Alex said. The next class was Laney’s favorite, computer. “I want this class to stay forever!!”She thought to herself. Meanwhile , Alex hated computer. “I can’t wait for this to be over.” She muttered. “Class, today we have new students!!” The teacher exclaimed.
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“Meet Tiffany and Miley!!” They walked to the classroom.
“Oh great, now I have to deal with these two weirdos.” Alex thought.
Later, Laney found out that Tiffany and Miley are the neighbors daughters.
When the class was over. She ran home to her mom and told her everything. “Oh my, what exiting news!!” Her mom exclaimed.
Meet Tiffany and Miley!!
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