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Ms. Page's Story...

by Brittney Page


Ms. Page's Story...
Patience is one of the traits that I feel makes teaching the perfect career for me. In teaching, especially when it comes to elementary education, these students are young and still developing and it takes a lot of patience not to raise your voice and lose your cool when there is a student disobeying or misbehaving. I am able to handle issues in the classroom well because I enjoy sitting down with struggling students and figuring out the issues that are causing them to act the way they do.
Communication is key in the teaching profession because without it, parents will not be informed about what is going on at school and students will not know whether they are doing the right or wrong thing. I always try to give feedback to my students so that they understand why they got praise, why they got a problem wrong, or what they could do better on next time. Students need to know these things for them to be able to grow and learn.
Good Listener
Being a good communicator is important, but something that goes hand-in-hand with this is listening. Just as we want students to listen to us, we have to take the time to listen to what our students are saying. They could be struggling with a topic and we wouldn't know unless we take the time to figure out what they need to succeed. This goes along with patience as well because it is time consuming but talking with your students is something that teachers have to do.
I believe enthusiasm is one of the most important traits that a teacher must have to be the most effective in the classroom. When teachers show up excited and ready to start the day, it rubs off on students and makes them excited too. l receive the best work and the most excitement from students to learn when I provide them with a fun learning environment. It is crucial for a successful classroom.
Organization is key in teaching because of the amount of paperwork teachers have to keep up with. I am a very organized person so it makes is so easy for me to keep all of the graded papers and data sheets I have in the right places. I have also gained a lot of knowledge about organization from my current mentor teacher. I feel that I am going to go into my first classroom with so much knowledge on how to keep my room organized and safe.