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Where did Laurel go?

by Maria Fernanda Ramos


Why did Laurel have to leave?
Written by: Maria Fernanda Ramos
This is me and my best friend Laurel. Laurel and I do everything together. We love singing, dancing, coloring, going to the pool, and even doing our homework together.
My favorite thing about her is that she never gets tired of spending time with me, even though we see each other every day!
Today, we will be going shopping together for our graduation dresses. But Laurel doesn't seem too excited about going shopping. She actually seems sad. I wonder why this could be.
Maybe she is tired? Maybe she just doesn't want to spend time together today? or could she be getting sick?
"Laurel, are you feeling sick today?"- I said.

"No, why do you ask, Maddie?" - She responded.

"There is something different about you."- I continued, "We have been looking forward to buying our graduation dresses all month long. I thought you would be more excited."