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Famous immigrants in Romania

by popa pamela-alina


Famous Romanian Immigrants
Charlie Ottley is a famous immigrant in Romania. He fell in love with our country while he was filming " Wild Carpathia" and he moved to Romania afterwards. He is a famous British movie maker working with the BBC in promoting the beauties of our country.
Raed Arafat is a famous immingrant in Romania, too. He came to Romania to study to become a doctor and then he stayed here to found the first ever emergency response ambulance in Romania, the SMURD. Later on he became the Associate to the minister of Health, being a success story for the immigration in Romania
Mohammad Murad is a business man who came to Romania and became a famous immigrant. He now owns a chain of hotels on the Black sea and he was also a jury in the show " Imperiul Leilor", a similar show to " The Apprentice", in the USA.
Donatas Kazlauskas is a famous football player who became a famous immigrant in Romania. He is a goal keeper and he was playing for more teams, including Rapid Bucuresti, Hermannstadt and Steaua Bucuresti.
Marina Voica is a famous singer who was not born in Romania but made a name in our country. She was born in Russia and moved to Romania after the WWII . She moved in our country and then she stayed here and become famous for her kind voice and for her love songs