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Riding Along the River

by Kristine Koven


Riding the Riverway in Sacramento: 

Looking for Birds After the Storm

“Wow! It is so nice to be back home!” “ Yes, and to be back in our own beds. The emergency shelter was nice, but there is no place like home." "My mom is so happy to be back home too, she’s ready to make some hot cocoa for everyone, come on over and let’s plan our next adventure” Mack and Billy are talking back and forth on the phone about getting together in the neighborhood again when Billy’s doorbell rings. Hold on, let me see who it is, “Hey Scooter, prowling the neighborhood again? Good to see you out and about with your backpack and books. What do you have today?”
“ Well, I was interested in all the activity that is flying and buzzing around because of the fresh wet soil and clean air from all of the winter’s rain.' 'I brought a few great books on birds” as he set his backpack down on the front step, “and another surprise book”.
Scooter was cautious not to step inside for fear of having to stay inside when all he wanted to do was explore the great outdoors for birds and other wonders… “Hold on, Mack’s on the phone, let me tell her you’re here, she wants to come over anyways”. Billy hollers over his shoulder as he runs inside to the phone,
 “What a beautiful day it is outside, so nice to have the sun come out again,” He told  Mack as he hopped back on the phone with her. “Come over, Scooter’s at the door and wants to discuss our next adventure, and get this, he has some really interesting information books about birds and a surprise”. “ I’m there five minutes ago”, said Mack, hanging up the phone and scattering out of her house and out the front gate. Billy ran back to the front porch portal where Scooter was organizing his books, to partake in planning out their next expedition.
“My brother has a canoe that fits 4 people and we could drag it to the river’s edge”, Scooter started to ramble, “there are 4 life vests that could fit us perfectly in the shed. My brother said it was okay for us to use the boat as long as we read the safety manual he has about boating on the river and wear our life vests while on the water.” “ Hey guys, these books look good”, Mack said, strolling from up the street to meet with her friends on the top step of Billy’s house. Mack started looking through the books and noticed the boat safety manual. “What’s this one about?” she said, holding it up.
“I thought I’d bring the river safety book in case you’d want to explore the river with me” replied Scooter.  The three friends sat on the front porch reading all about boat safety.  They found that the most important thing to have was the life vest on, knowing how to swim, not panicking if anything goes wrong, and having a supply of water. “You know how to swim?” Scooter spoke to the group. The three put their hands together in a fist bump and agreed that they all learned how to swim when they were younger, after all, they were twelve years old.