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Riding Along the River

by Kristine Koven

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“Wow! It is so nice to be back home!” “ Yes, and to be back in our own beds. The emergency shelter was nice, but there is no place like home." "My mom is so happy to be back home too, she’s ready to make some hot cocoa for everyone, come on over and let’s plan our next adventure” Mack and Billy are talking back and forth on the phone about getting together in the neighborhood again when Billy’s doorbell rings. Hold on, let me see who it is, “Hey Scooter, prowling the neighborhood again? Good to see you out and about with your backpack and books. What do you have today?”
“ Well, I was interested in all the activity that is flying and buzzing around because of the fresh wet soil and clean air from all of the winter’s rain.' 'I brought a few great books on birds” as he set his backpack down on the front step, “and another surprise book”.
Scooter was cautious not to step inside for fear of having to stay inside when all he wanted to do was explore the great outdoors for birds and other wonders… “Hold on, Mack’s on the phone, let me tell her you’re here, she wants to come over anyways”. Billy hollers over his shoulder as he runs inside to the phone,