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The Deep Blue Sea

by Rovena Persaud, Marwa Hanno, Zara Mckeachie & The Child Development Class-002-Fall 2021.


The Deep Blue Sea
Presenter: Marwa/Zara
Creative Illustrator: Rovena
Written by: Child Development Class-002 (Fall 2021).
Once upon a time, there was a big blue whale, his name is Jules.
He likes to eat seaweed, play hide and seek with his friends and hunt for treasures.
But Jules was a little too curious and a little too excited that he decided to go to a cave without care, he began to panic, but met his best friend Dory along the way. Dory is happy and even more curious about any and everything, even the big scary sharks who swam towards her and the little rocks at the bottom of the sea.
While Jules and Dory were in the cave, they saw a mysterious light in the distance. As Jules and Dory were swimming towards the light, they saw a group of sharks dancing around it, as they sneaked a peek, it turned out to be a jewelry box.
One of the big sharks tipped over the jewelry box with his tail and out came many seashells that broke as they fell out, Jules and Dory were very sad about this.