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Individual Illustrated Fiction
6th Grade
Benjamin Tasker Middle School
by Nico Natividad
Locked, Retained, Safe
As you can see, I'm the author and illustrator, Nico Natividad. In 4th grade, I started to get interested in this mythology called "SCP's." "Secure, Contain, Protect." Is a scientific and military secret organization that operates beyond jurisdiction empowered and entrusted by every major national government. This foundation seeks to protect humanity by capturing and containing various forms of anomalies where you will find all kinds of paranormal entities, those called SCPs, and all of them are classified through the Anomaly Containment System which determines the influence of the anomaly. The containment procedures find the severity of the anomaly's effects and how easily one can recover from them and are represented with a specific number. The first SCP found was SCP-173. Every time it's not seen in someone's vision, the giant armed peanut snaps their neck behind them.

The last part I will explain to you is the game on Roblox replicating the SCP foundation. It's basically the same thing but you can play the different roles and just be part of the site. However, this game is dying, with an active player count between 500-1k. Please play this game, because I don't want this game to die due to the popularity of simulator and obby(obstacle) games.

(WARNING)None of the things in this story are real, this is just a cool concept of our world.
"Wake up, poop eater!" I'm met with an angry voice while I'm off to the cafeteria for my morning breakfast. I'm Inmate 601, or you can call me Quincyvan Hollow(Quincy for short). I ask the lunchman what our breakfast is. "Same as yesterday." He says disappointedly.

I'll tell you why I got here in the first place too. After making a bet on a stranger to see who can spend the most money, the winner gets a million dollars. We were both poor and had to pay taxes in a month or so. I took things to the next level and decided to steal an old, rich guy's house with my gang members. It was a success, I even won the competition with the stranger. With my dollars, I created a company called, "These Nuts." They sold chocolate and cream-filled nuts. However, one of my coworkers found out about my past, and that was how I got arrested and sent to prison, for murder and mass robbery.
Life inside of the North Straightrunner Institution is like any other life behind bars; lights out at 9:00, free to go anywhere, pay to eat, roommates, and the rest of the stuff.

prisoner area
Joining groups is also another part of the prison that everyone participates in. Our gang, the Shinbreakers currently has 20 members, being the top 5 in bodybuilding. And here we are in the present, in the washing room with my gym clothes being washed.

Chapter 2: The Broadcast

As I headed toward the gym, I was startled by an alarm that said, "All units and prisoners inside the building, please report to the library. Wait until further notice." I saw his close friend Kravis and asked, "Hey what's going on?" "We'll find out." He said calmly.
They were in the library, which was actually one of the places Kravis visited. He was always obsessed with mystery books, and I never read one before. They met one time at lunch while Quincy had his first lunch inside of a prison. He had a mac-n-cheese salad with chicken tenders and Kravis had a build-your-own taco. The table they sat on was the last free one, which
was lucky in Quincy's case, he always had problems with tight spaces. They talked about how they got here, and Kravis chuckled at the fact that Quincy named his company "These Nuts." They had fun doing each other's workouts at the gym, and nostalgia for the games they played, like roadblocks.
The most memorable thing was the time when Kravis accidentally dropped a 35-pound weight on his foot and had to be sent to the prison hospital, carried by 2 buff guys. That time was so embarrassing for Kravis that he was so careful when taking off weights, that it would take 20 seconds to take off a 10-pound. That was also the reason he started going to the library more, the books weighed less. The main TV and other devices turned on, and it looked like an EAS(Emergency Alert System)alarm. The alert started, "EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM, ISSUED BY CIVIL AUTHORITIES." showed on the screen. The TV was next to a high window, a foot away from the ceiling. "We interrupt your current broadcast to bring you this emergency broadcast system. Civil Authorities have issued an alert to all citizens in your area." Three generic people who