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We CAN: Finnish Mobility

by Puolimatka School


We Can: Finnish Mobility
Special Edition on Finnish Mobility, May 2023
Welcome to Hyvinkää
& Puolimatka school!
School's location & values
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Personnel at school
~50 teachers,
6 class assistants
1 school nurse
1 psychologist 
1 social curator
1 school secretary
1 caretaker
5 kitchen workers/ cleaners
-Our school's location is in the halfway from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna (cities in Finland). Puolimatka means literally "half way".
-In 2015 our school celebrated its 100th anniversary!
-600 pupils
-classes from 1st to 9th (7-16 years)
- some 20% of pupils come originally from other countries
Puolimatkan koulu
Uudenmaankatu 73
05830 Hyvinkää, Finland
Principal: Mr Lasse Luostarinmäki
Teacher Veera p. +358 50 462 9199
Teacher Noora p. +358 40 046 6806
Teacher Nina p. +358 50 411 9088
Our school's values are:
This logo is our school's logo that represents our values and growth.
This issue is written by pupils.
Practical information - arriving to Finland
What to pack with you?
from the airport

There is a train terminal at the airport (easy to walk). There are several machines to buy tickets. Machines takes all major credit- and debit cards.
Trains run all the time.
All trains go through Tikkurila. From Tikkurila you take the local train to Hyvinkää. You change train in Tikkurila-station! Change there to the local train marked R-train. Very easy change.
1) Airport - Tikkurila (direction Helsinki)
2) Tikkurila - Hyvinkää (R-train direction Riihimäki or Tampere)
Tickets cost (one-way): adults 7e, young people 3,50e.
Journey takes approximately 1 hour with the change-time.

Trains in Finland:

from the airport

Normal taxis (take the taxi from lines 1, 2 and 3 at the airport, line 4 is for random companies...) cost around 100-120e e per 3-4 people (depending on how much you have luggage - how many of you fit in).
Journey takes around 40 minutes.
Bigger taxis are also available at the airport, the price is the same but you might have to wait that a bigger car comes to the spot. These taxis take 6-7 people.
If you want that we book you a transfert, that is fine as well (a small bus or similar), these services are around 200e-300e per group per one-way.

Taxis in Finland:
The weather in Finland may vary a lot. Normally in May we have around 15C during the day and during the night it might be even close to 0C. Having said this it might be that we have some 25c during the day and 15 during the night.

Please bring:
- open mind
- positive attitude
- co-operative skills
- your interest towards cultures
- an umbrella/ a raincoat
- a pair of good shoes for walking in a forest, some old t-shirt and sweater to wear in the forest (they get dirty)
- a swimsuit
- your personal belongings (medication, toiletries)
- a warm jacket and a beanie, a pair of gloves
- couple of pictures of your family and home (in your phone) to talk/to show with/to your host family
At malesuada nisl felis sit amet dolor
Food and people
Finnish customs and traditions, weird habits
Useful words
- We take our shoes of inside schools
- Many of us use wool socks over ours normal socks
- When we go outside and it is dark, we use reflectors
- When we have breaks at school, we have to go outside
- When Finland wins in icehockey the whole country goes crazy
- Finns go winter swimming regulary
- Finns are crazy over cross country skiing
- The Finnish sauna is a hot room (60-120 C), you go there naked and sit on wooden benches
- You are allowed to pick mushrooms and berries in the forest
By the way, do you know the Moomintrolls ?
Moi Hi!
Hei Hi!
Hei hei Bye Bye!
Moi moi Bye Bye!
Päivää Good day! Good afternoon!
Huomenta Good morning!
Kiitos Thanks!
Ole hyvä You're welcome
(after someone thanks you)
Miten menee? How are you? How's life? etc.
Mitä kuuluu? How are you? What's up? etc.
Anteeksi... Sorry...
Saisinko... Could I get...
Joo Yes
Ei No
Kyllä Yes
Koulu School
Koti Home
Leipä Bread
Jäätelö Ice-cream
Tervetuloa Welcome
punainen - red
sininen - blue
vihreä - green
harmaa - grey
musta - black
valkoinen - white
liila - lila, violet
keltainen - yellow
oranssi - orange
ruskea - brown
vaalean... - light...
tumman... - dark...
vaaleansininen - lightblue
tummansininen - darkblue
pinkki - pink
suklaa - chocolate
vanilja - vanilla
mansikka - strawberry
mustikka - blueberry, bilberry
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On Friday afternoon: Each country pays return ticket to their pupils to Hyvinkää (to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Hyvinkää OR to Hyvinkää (depending on the group)
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Recycling in Finland
How we recycle our plastic bottles, cans and glass bottles to a store/shop. Take a look at this short video:

Every time you buy a bottle or a can or a container you pay extra (0,10-0,50 euros for the bottle). You get this money back when you return the bottle to the store. If you return 10 bottles of 0,50e you get 5 euros.
Many children, young people etc. collect the bottles from others as well and get an important amount of money for themselves.
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Recycling in a normal apartment building:
Prices in Finland
We use euros. The card is accepted everywhere and all the time (even the smallest vendors or machines take cards). You can use cash as well of course.
These are approximates:

A can of soft drink in a store (0,33 l) - 2 e
An ice-cream (a cone from a store) - 2 e
A cheeseburger - 3 e
A ticket to the cinema - 12e
A ticket to a museum - 8 e
A bus/tram/metro - drive (one ticket) within a big city - 3,5 e
A coffee or a soft drink in a cafe - 5 e
A chocolate bar - 3 e
A key ring (a souvenir) - 8 e
A t-shirt (normal, no brand) - 20e
Apples (1 kg) - 2,5 e
Tomatoes (1 kg) - 5 e
Gasoline (1 liter) - 2,10 e

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Finland is the happiest country in the world
(the 6th year in a row):
Finland ranks as the world's happiest country based on the 2021 report, with a score of 7.842 out of a total possible score of 10. The report writers credited the citizens of Finland's strong feelings of communal support and mutual trust with not only helping secure the #1 ranking, but (more importantly) helping the country as a whole navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Finlanders felt strongly that they were free to make their own choices, and showed minimal suspicion of government corruption. Both of these factors are strong contributors to overall happiness.