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C A N, 2nd issue, January 2022

by Puolimatkan koulu, Hyvinkää


Climate Action Now
2nd issue: February 2022
Croatia, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain reporting on social sustainability.
Compassion may be the missing link of the Climate Change!
Comic Panel 1
How to put the OECD learning compass into action
Words by Ida-Sofia Maliniemi and Noora Vuorenmaa

 If we hope to make a change in the world, we should make the first change in our mindsets. We need to be hopeful, optimistic and have a sense of agency towards difficulties to be able to solve our biggest problems. For this to happen, our core needs, the core foundations for learning, must be in good balance.

One of the aspects of building a solid core foundation is mental health and well-being. How to create a life with energy and balance, so you also have the power to do things that are sometimes uncomfortable. Self-care is an important part of our daily routines, especially, when facing hardships. Having good energy reserves helps us make good choices for ourselves, our community and climate.

In this newsletter we would like to challenge everyone to make small mindset changes, reflect on how they affect your personal life as well as your social surroundings.